Log Time for 'Developer Mode'

I hate that logbook times arent recorded in Developer mode in MSFS. I do some really great flights and I cannot log them. It looks like I have extremely low flight time, when I have tons in reality on MSFS. :frowning:

So… A thought. What about a setting that says ‘Flight Time in Dev Mode’. And perhaps a second feature that says ‘Log this flight time as a flight’ so that its not thrown away. Another words, and option to show a flight that you feel is a legitimate flight, and being able to save it ‘in’ Developer mode.

My wish. I hope it comes true. :slight_smile:

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Hear, Hear. I think I have officially recorded about 20hrs but in practice it’s way more than that.

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I’m all for it. Often forget to switch off dev mode until I’m in the air. Also use the Volocopter to fly from my house to the airport and then switch to another plane. It’s annoying to have to go back to the main menu and reload a new flight.

But I sort of understand the logic behind it, since you can ‘cheat’ and can alter the results of i.e. a landing challenge by switching to a different plane.
In regular flight you can only cheat yourself basically.

Maybe they could bind the logbook to the plane switch in the air. So as long as you switch planes while stationary on the ground you won’t lose the logbook.

Or they could make it possible to change planes without dev mode as long as you’re parked cold and dark on the ground and not on a runway.

Good point but it’s easy to solve. Just don’t allow entry into challenges if you are in dev mode. A simple pop up to remind you to switch should do the trick.

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Yes. Agreed!

The discrepancy between my sim logbook times and Steam MSFS play time always makes me laugh when I see it.

MSFS logged time: 19 hours
Steam: 2056 hours…

Oy. I need to go outside I think. :wink:

The question here is, why are you flying in Developer mode? I would think you only use developer mode when you are “developing something” or doing some benchmarking purposes, or testing something. When you’re not doing development activities, and doing actual flying. Just turn it off.

I don’t know how you can forget to switch off Dev mode, it has a very obtrusive menu showing at the top of the screen. Even if you forget to turn it off from your previous session, when opening MSFS the first time, the dev menu is the first thing that sticks out on the screen before you even start a flight. So it should be easily noticeable.

The tool bar is only visible in mouse over. I do a lot in dev mode and so often forget to switch it off.

I’m not talking about the toolbar that appears when you hover the mouse. I’m talking about the Dev mode menu that’s always visible all the time when dev mode is on. At least for me it’s always there and will never disappear unless I go to the Options and Turn off the Dev mode, which will remove the bar entirely.

I mean I do a lot of stuff in Dev mode too, but I never really forget to turn it off because the top menu is always there and it’s so glaringly obvious. When I’m finished with what I’m doing in dev mode, I always turn it off when I’m done. And if I need to open it, then I turn on Dev mode, do my thing, and when I’m done, I turn it off.

So, how should that flight be logged in your logbook then?

It’s this exact reason (along with airplane development) things are not logged when in devmode. It’s not a bug. It’s on purpose.

Log time where? The profile? That’s never going to happen as that is tied to achievement progress and using DevMode could effectively allow cheats/unfair advantage when logging for an achievement.

As far as I can recall flights made with DevMode on still get logged in the Logbook…just not the profile (which is where the flight hours are recorded)

Who said it was a bug? It’s posted under wish list. The request is to change it so dev mode flying is logged.

Unfair on who exactly? If you choose to cheat any game you are just cheating yourself unless there is some big prize at the end.

If you don’t want it don’t vote for it, that’s your prerogative.

Yes, this is essentially true. But it seems that in modern gaming “Achievements” are a very popular mechanic and it seems that many may consider their completion important. Thus, cheating which results in unfair progress in an achievement system is not just cheating yourself.

This thread reminds me of a famous quote, just wish I could remember the author and exact wording…

“Pilots record their time in the air with such detail and precision it’s as if time spent in any other pursuit simply isn’t worth noting.”

Whoever said it, it’s true. :wink:

If the time counts towards any kind of achievement, why not just block dev mode time from counting towards that, but keep all the other logging data? I find it kind of strange that it doesn’t even log the three most recently visited airports in dev mode. That would be handy now and then.

If there’s an achievement for tabbing out to 3DS Max and completely forgetting that FS is running in the background for 2 hours, with 37 airplanes piled up on the taxiway behind me… I should have that one 20x over by now. They could call it the “Hey dude, the light’s green now you know.” achievement.

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