Logbook.. 200 Hours, Flights and Achievements have all disappeared

Started FS today to find that my profile had suffered some kind of reset. Nearly 200 flight hours, my previous flights and Achievements have all disappeared, all that remains is 5 hours from yesterday!

It’s the Microsoft Store Premium version on the PC. My Achievements are still listed in the the “Xbox Console Companion” app thing but not in FS.

Anyone have any thoughts about this? (I’ve reported it to the zendesk)

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Yes, lots of people have had this problem. ASOBO has already stated the problem was already fixed shortly after the thread below got very popular. It evidently isn’t.

After a quick search, I found the problem actually started before that! The first reports are from 2020!

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Mmm, annoying! Unlike this chap though ALL of my previous stuff has gone from FlightSim

Actually, looking at it again I can see that my Achievements are still there in the Logbook but the flights and total hours are missing, (except for the 5 hours yesterday).

Also, on the Home Page where it shows “Next level” for hours flown mine says “Next level 200” …If I really only had 5 hours that should say “Next Level 100”.

So it’s looking like a (Not fixed after all !) data corruption issue?

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Did you toggle any of the settings under Options/Data? This is where you can turn it all of, or just Photogrammetry, and a few other settings. Below is a shot from the Internet, not my machine, so I can’t say for sure this is current, and all options are present that are there now.


Thanks but I have all of these on. I did “esc” and “return to the main screen” during a flight then exited the sim yesterday, so I’m thinking the data got corrupted at that time.

You might have them on now, but at any point have you turned them off, then back on again, for any reason?

This is the only theory I remember that was linked to wiped logbooks. The first sign that something has gone wrong is you’ll get a pop up window saying that some packages are out date. If you click the button on that window, it seems like an “empty” local profile gets created, and this overwrites the copy in the cloud.

I think that was the theory in any case.

I didn’t consciously turn anything off (or on). It really was a case of lost hours and flights when I turned on today. I haven’t had any warning pop-ups either. Thanks anyway

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In that topic I linked in the second post, where I went to cry the loss of my logbook and flight hours, we concluded that what caused it was a loss of connection or synchrony between our client application and the server. The infamous message “connection lost, do you want to continue off-line” or something like it would popup. At this point it is almost shure you already lost your data, no matter what choice you made (go off-line or try to reconnect). When the client finally connects to the server, most of the data is reset. Completed achievements and some statistics remain, but the logbook and flight hours almost always are gone forever.

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There should be some Official procedure for users to backup their Logbook and achievements.

Data loss over the Internet will ALWAYS be a possibility.

About time there was a Log Book editor as well … (like there was in FSX)

Or this stuff in the SDK, so 3rd part Devs can OFFICIALLY develop these sort of Utilities, without having to resort to hacking files formats


Yes. I think you are almost certainly right. It does seem like a sync issue. Very annoying, sorry for your loss also.

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I agree. It’s a bit scary to think all of your efforts can go down the pan at any time. That needs to be addressed I think.

Progress loss, controller profile loss, logbook loss…jeez, what a janky system, and Microsoft want to use this to showcase their cloud capabilities and there is a plan to introduce a multi-player race game DLC to this also? In this state? Man alive.


Last 2 days completed 4 jack of planes achievement which initially showed as done, after closing FS and restarting they disappeared, no evidence of flight in logbook either. WT?
Was OK 26/10 or Oct 26

I feel your pain. Were you in developer mode showing FPS or something? That doesn’t save anything AFAIK

Negative but checked anyway thanks

Same thing now for me: I am down to 350 hours where I was at nearly 900. My profile shows “Next level… 900” as proof. Anybody had any luck with contacting the Zendesk? :thinking:

Mhhhh, I think you might be true but in case there is a sync problem the difference and numbers of lost hours for example should be much smaller and definitely not more than they were when the sync was done last time. So “losses” of 500 or so hours as it is in m case shouldn’t happen.

Well, given this thread is about one year from the last post, I suspect most people don’t even care about recorded progress in this game. I sure don’t. My lost hours, achievements, statistics, scores, bush trips and so on never came back and are still disappearing till this day. Even my Maverick scores evaporated.

Sorry if I look cynical to you. I just don’t care anymore.

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Me too. I did open a Zendesk item for my lost 500 hours and the answer was that it is not possible for them to recover the hours. They are not willing or able to just adjust the numbers even I could proove the loss: my profile now says 380 or something hours and the next target would be 900. Starting to get really p… when I read that I should not delete my collected hours (how the heck can that be done on an Xbox) and that I should not use suspend and resume which is one of the major advantages on Xbox vs PC when it comes to how long it takes to get back into a flight.

On XBox X: Before SU11 I had logged 117 hours. After SU11 and flying for an hour in a DC-3, my log now shows 84 hours. I also lost about 20 hours with SU10.