Logbook could be better

It is well known and somewhat discussed on this forum that the in-sim logbook is a bit off. If you use Dev Mode it is not available at all, and on some little dirt strip in the middle of nowhere you may or may not get an entry made after shutdown. I have also noticed at small airfields, even with paved runways, that if you are not parked correctly you will not get an entry, even though parking areas may not be obvious and there may not be any ground personnel with batons available to park you and this is not made apparent in any documentation that I could find - it’s a trial and error learning curve. I would suggest, or wish at least, that logbook entries were automatic for every aircraft shutdown at the end of a flight regardless of the quality of the airfield of arrival. And maybe have a simple on /off selection in General Options for those who don’t care about their logbook and flight times, (since someone will inevitably complain about always seeing the logbook after every flight;-).

Same for water landings - they aren’t counted. I have hundreds of takeoffs without landings.

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Yep another long flight with no Logbook entry- Departed KSAF Santa Fe, NM flew around the area and then proceeded to KSKX Taos to land. Went to parking shutdown in front of the ground attendant and poof, Nada. I even started back up and moved to another parking spot with another attendant! Nada again. The only thing I can think of that may be at fault on this flight is that I did initially set my Arrival to be back at KSAF and went on to Taos instead. But even so the sim should not be that dismissive or dare I say, fussy about where I land as long as it was a safe flight? Is it because I failed to cancel Flight Following? Or did not notify Alburquerque about my flight plan change? I don’t think I even had an ATC option for that.

Yet another 1 hour flight with no Logbook entry, hmm. I am not in Dev Mode either. Departed and returned to SCCI airport, Tierra del Fuego region, as per my basic flight plan. Followed all the ATC instructions, etc. Directed to GA parking by Ground, but there were no ground personnel so I found a “T” marked spot, parked and shutdown my Cessna 310R properly and nada - no logbook entry!

A simple menu choice to enter my flight data manually if this happens would be nice.

Comms still not great, having to use the mouse to make callouts and acknowledgements is immersion breaking and while I was taxiing to parking I did not have an option to confirm the directions from Ground, it just gave “1 - Say again?” which I did repeatedly till the ATC told me it was ending this conversation. Being able to use my own voice to practice read backs and confirmations would be nice.