Logbook - draw world map with flown routes

it should draw a worldmap with all my flown routes.

Log on to zendesk (link at the top) and add a feature request.

I would be perfectly happy with it if there was a comment section where you could enter some notes like a normal paper logbook. I believe you can click on a logged flight and load it right into the sim and fly it again. Although, I have not tried this.

I would love to see a flightradar24 or flightaware link in the log book to show the actual path flown for a particular entry. Ideally, it could include touchdown fps, bounces, etc.

Just more analytics on the flight for each log entry.

I apologize if this is a duplicate.

did you try simtoolkitpro? Yes it’s an external Programm but it does exactly that. Also logs the v/s during landing.