Logbook functionality for all types of players (Including VATSIM and other ATC Networks)

Hello Asobo devs :smile:

One big issue I’ve had, from the early days I had with this sim to now, is the logbook and its failure to work with all sorts of flights.

You see, as of now, the logbook will log when an aircraft departs and parks (a completed flight) only if you select a destination gate and taxi to/park at said specific gate. In other words, the only way for the log book to recognize a flight is if completed is if you use the world map flight planner and the in game ATC (as they will clear you to park to the specific spot)

Unfortunately, this does not work for users who use any study level procedures (planning via the flight computer) and use virtual networks such as VATSIM, IVAO, Pilot Edge, and more. Reason for? Well A: you don’t select an arrival gate in the main map as you plan it realistically in game) and B: virtual ATC networks have specific parking spots that may or may not be available, as well as different parking spots for different airlines and aircraft types etc.

How could this be fixed? Instead of validating a completed flight by turning the engines off at the specified parking spot, complete a flight when an aircraft takes off from a runway, lands are a runway, and stops for at least 15 seconds in the vicinity of a parking spot/gate with the engines off.

In reality, I believe there are more issues with the log book as I have personally logged and used networks like vatsim to log over 80 hours of flight, but in the sim’s logbook, I only have 41 hours… Nonetheless, I believe this would be a great start towards fixing the issue and I know this will make many users glad as so it will make me.

Thanks for all your great work Asobo and I can’t wait for the future of this sim to progress :smile:

A touch and go should also be logged as a landing and take off. There should be no requirement to leave the runway anything other than vertically.

Take off: Aircraft leaves the runway in a vertical direction.
Landing: Aircraft joins a runway from above.

Nothing else should be required. ATC is irrelevant. Parking spots/gates are irrelevant.

Heck, on a long runway you might be able to take off and land several times (depending on the aircraft)!


There ARE several oddities with the log book. Flight reporting is inconsistent. This is my experience:

Fly a flight plan with multiple destinations and the pilot log (MY LOGBOOK) will show the start and end, but may or may not show all the takeoffs and landings. Often, very often, it shows more of one than the other.

Free flights may record the beginning and end, or it might not. Takeoffs and landing pilot log numbers are seldom an account of what was done between the first takeoff and last landing.

Fly the H-135 and the aircraft will indicate every takeoff and landing. So there is a function in the software for it, just don’t expect that either takeoffs or landings, any of them, to be in the pilot log.

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