Logbook like in real life - Edit logbook

Regarding the topic of logbooks, we unfortunately have more than 150 10 entries in the wishlist that almost all address the same topic (logbook editing).

I think it would be better than editing if the entry in the logbook didn’t run automatically.
It would be more efficient and correct if we were asked whether the entry should take place in the book or whether we would like to add to the entry.

So like in real life.

Thus we could also avoid the “zero” entries that are registered during testing (as in the picture below).

What do you think?

Hi there,

Where are the 150 topics?

You’re right.
I started the wrong search in the entire forum instead of in the wishlist (only 10).
I have corrected it!

You are right Simson166!
There are too many 00000… because of the entries registered during testing. It looks very messy indeed!

Maybe add multi vs single pilot hours depending on aircraft type and a way to at least manually delete entries. IFR vs VFR must also be possible depending on flight plan.

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Would be nice to be able to clean up my logbook.

Yes, manual input/request for logbook entry should be required.

You should also be allowed to edit fields and maybe add a note before logging each entry.

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My logbook stopped working or logging mid December. Any idea what I can do to fix it? I’ve tried so many things but can"t fix it.

Is this still a problem for you? Mine stopped July 1 and I have been digging deep to understand why. I think there is a problem with Xbox Live that is supposed to store our settings, logbook, achievements, etc. but only the Logbook is not getting uploaded.

I would like to see a Comments section for use to add remarks about flight and Total time data should reflect the search filter so you can see data say for the selected aircraft only.

I have been longing for a way to edit the logbook since Flight Simulator came out. I am constantly completing flights and either not getting credit for landing or takeoff or both. Sometimes the whole flight is not recorded. I’m on PC. It seems like with all the developers out there making airplanes, airports and all kinds of things that someone would be working on a way to edit the logbook. Also when I have a CTD, which has been frequently since SU11, even after flying for 2 or more hours you get no logbook entry. That’s the least you should get for all the flight time wasted to a CTD.

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We could have a player’s log book. Then turn the achievement logbook into a hidden one.