Logbook not updating after patch

First, or last? Did you press the “Continue” button on the log pop up screen at all? You have zero landings, so I’m assuming you did not interact with ATC either?

No continue button, but I also never get the completion pop-up even if I park the plane in a spot and turn off everything properly (that’s been a thing since launch). Quitting to main menu previously recorded the entire flight correctly until the Japan update.

I have the co-pilot manage ATC until final approach when I take over. I did the same here but noticed that Scottish Center didn’t have a whole lot to say to me, which is also unusual.

Have you tried manually interacting with ATC instead?

Request landing as usual, and at a towered airport, switch to ground when instructed, and request taxi to parking, using the taxi ribbon as a guide.

At an untowered airstrip, request landing, then when landed slowly taxi off the runway until the ATC option to report being clearly of the runway, appears.

These work 100% of the time for me.

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I will give it a shot on the next outing. I have been trying to choose smaller airstrips to count towards the “land at 500 airports” goal, but I guess that’s a moot point since no landings have been counting for a while anyway. :sweat_smile:

Will try a larger towered airport again.

The issue of the number of landings, and takeoffs themselves being reported or not I have not looked at closely, only the flight logging itself. My best guess is that again interacting with ATC is the best way to get these logged as well. Requesting takeoff, and being granted permission to do so, I suspect is key at towered airports. At untowered, I always communicate that I am taking off to the West or whatever, and it does tend to get recorded also.

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One thing is for sure the log book is broken. I can understand all the work arounds but it just needs to be addressed. Put back as it was when the sim first started.


At un-towered airports, do you ever keep your objectives window open? I opened if after telling ATC I was clear if runway, and it basically said to take off again. I’ll try to remember to keep it open on approach next time, as well as for towered airports.

I landed at another un-towered airport this morning after a 3 hour flight. I get all the hours, but I don’t get a landed counted and says I’m in the vincinity of an airport 30nm away. I taxied all around the airport, and there was a guy with the pushback cart at one of the parking spots, which is where I shut down. Still no completion window.

I’ve done it that way and still no joy getting it to log. Shouldn’t be this hard to get the flight to register.
Was much easier in previous patches/beta.

…and yet, according to the roadmap, they are prioritizing removing “Press Any Key to Start” in the next patch!

Who says they are prioritizing that above fixing the logbook problem? The skipping of the keypress is hardly time consuming for them…

I never use the objectives window, and in fact have that option turned off.

The window I left open at untowered airports was the ATC window. When you taxi off the runway, the ATC option to report being clear of the runway appears. That’s the way I know I can get my flight to log. I want to know straight away, as if you taxi far enough away you will be logged as being in the “vicinity” of the airstrip.

I have a work around that shows the sad state of affairs that this is in.

I too have the logbook problem. A few patches ago it quit logging properly. Before it was fine. Now it only logs if it sees an official end to a flight. So I follow everything to the letter, park, and shut down and hope that I get the end of flight pop-up.

Today after a 1 hour flight, I didn’t get the pop-up. I sighed knowing it wasn’t going to go in my log.

Then I saw the rather large hangar I was parked by…

I fired up the plane and purposely crashed into the hangar. Since it was an official end to the flight, the entire flight was logged. :rofl:

How sad is it that I have to actually crash the plane on purpose to get the flight to go into the log?

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Ever since I enabled the AI to handle ATC, all my flights are being properly logged, even when landing at small airfields.

I dislike having the radios on and hearing the moronic ATC, but for now this seems a reasonable workaround.

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I’ve had success at uncontrolled airports by parking on the ramp, chopping the fuel off, then shutting down the Garmin power switches. As I go to turn off the battery switch I get the close out pop up, and it Consistently records My landings. But your mileage may vary.

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Would anyone having this problem care to point to a video demonstrating it? I’ve seen plenty of text, but not a video. I for one would like to see what is being done to cause this bug. I’m quite happy to reciprocate.

For me after version the “My Logbook” has been inconsistent. It worked flawlessly prior to Either the flight time is truncated. 1.5hrs when the flight actually lasted 2.5hrs to not even logging any hrs/flight at all. This is a ridiculous bug to have and poor quality control if basic game logging is something they managed to break after a patch.

The logbook is clearly broken, How about a word from the developer on a FIX?

I need to do more test runs, but I got my first counted landing at an un-towered airport.

I kept the objectives window opened the entire flight (quick flight ifr from krdu to ktta, with rdu vor as only waypoint). Performed ILS landing on rw 3.

I kept comms on the approach channel vs the traffic channel, since I already know nothing is broadcast on traffic. However, nothing was different on approach channel.

Once I touched down, I normally would get off the runway and onto a taxiway immediately to park. However, this time I noticed the objective said to slow down to 15kts and leave runway. So I applied brakes until I slowed down enough and exited runway at next taxiway entrance. Once I left the runway, the objective changed to end of flight. This was without declaring clear of runway. I shutdown engines and got the pop-up and a landing logged. I did not go to the normal parking area, I shutdown just past the hold line.

Will try a few more runs tomorrow after work.

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Hello everyone,

Please make sure that the DEV Mode is off!
If not, your logbook will not save your flight sessions’ information.

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the dev mode is off…The logbook is broken

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