Logbook Reset Back to 0 hours

I am using the Microsoft Store version of MSFS (Premium Deluxe Edition), no developer mode. I had 220 hours of flight time that has just disappeared and my logbook only shows 3 entries instead of the hundreds that it should.

The only “odd” thing that I did was for the first time, played MSFS on an Xbox Series S instead of my PC (which is where I have always played it since August 2020). From what I read, I should be able to do this and keep my pilot profile intact, but all of my flights have vanished. I still have the achievements for 50 hours of total flight time, but my 100 hour achievement is gone!

Has anyone encountered this before when playing on PC and Xbox? I wanted to be able to do that since my Nephew is interested in the sim, but my PC setup with yokes and rudders is a little much for him still - the controller on the big TV is much more his speed.

I figured if it was an online issue, others would have reported the problem. So I am afraid I borked everything up by going from PC to Xbox.

Any thoughts?