Logbook should not pop up in the middle of the shutdown procedure

It would be better if it let you shut down completely and step outside, then record the flight in the log book.

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How about, update the logbook when the pilot selects it? Just like RL.

When I get CTD’s and other ‘odd behaviors’, I would prefer to not log the flight.


I don’t know, because people might like to tie down the plane after landing, or they might like to walk around the airport a bit. Also, what do you mean by “shutdown” exactly? Engine off? What if you don’t have an engine? Tie the plane down? What if you don’t like doing that?
But, then again, I suppose it might work in theory, since I guess that you’d fill in any paperwork before you get out of the plane.
Still, the easiest, clearest trigger to detect, one that is common to every single type of aircraft out there, is simply returning to the main menu.

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Can’t believe such a simple request has not been addressed more than a year later. They even redesigned the pop up UI, why didn’t they make it optional too while working on it?


Most importantly it is a decision made by the person, not the sim. “You” decide when your flight ends, ideally.


Yes it is really stupid, so much fuss over this simulation being real and they do a stupid thing like filling in your log book before you have completed a correct shut down procedure, it so unprofessional yet all the team are interested in is the marvellous eye candy, yes that is nice eye candy, but it’s not what flying is about.


Yes, please let us do the shutdown sequence without any interruption.
Can’t be that hard to implement a different and less obstrusive way to update the logbook.


It’s the kind of issue a Hot Fix is made for, probably one line of code, would take a Dev 2 minutes, but here we are…one year later, still waiting for the biggest immersion breaker to be made an OPTION!!!


yes exactly the same

@Jummivana, could you please bring the devs’ attention to the topic. It’s been a year and if this is a simulator there should be no popping up logbook or whatever during the shutdown procedure.


Makes the Q/A sessions kind of pointless when they say something is an “easy” fix that will be in the next update, but never is. Sad.


This is an annoying feature that results in the sim logging a new entry with 0hrs in the logbook when you select continue at the popup.

Please Asobo disable this popup and use the FSX method of logging an entry when the user selects end flight instead of the current engine or avionics off method.


Almost 1000 votes, hopefully this will no longer be an issue soon.


Worse still, I just had the sim freeze when the logbook popup was supposed to happen. Fix this ■■■■.

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I agree, and this pop-up screen should not appear at all while we’re still in the flight deck, regardless of aircraft or whether or not the engine(s) or anything else is running. If I want to see the logbook, I’ll click on the option in the Profile from the main menu.


Asobo might be doing this to let us know that the logging time for the flight has stopped, which can be done by just stopping the internal clock on the flight (programmed within the simulator) when you shut down everything in the aircraft, including the battery, and without the need for the Logbook pop-up screen to appear.

I haven’t experienced that issue (the sim freeze) at least not yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

On when the flight ends - There might be an issue with stopping the clock when you return to the main menu, after shutting down everything in the aircraft, if the simmer just keeps the flight deck on the screen for… let’s say an hour or two, or a few hours after shutting down, THEN exit to the main menu. That’s one way to earn more “false” flight hours on your logbook or profile… Just sayin… :slightly_smiling_face:

You wouldn’t gain flight hours because you can identify the time of touchdown.

Doesn’t work. It doesn’t count time on the ground. Flight time only, not block time.

If you really want to pad your logbook, fill an airliner with fuel, set the AP, then go to bed. :wink:

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