Logical upgrade from an i7 4790k?

I think I need to upgrade my current CPU for this game as im getting lots of stutters and drops (despite averaging 30-40fps).

At the moment im using a 4790k Overclocked to 4.4ghz and an MSI gaming 5 motherboard.

Can anyone suggest a logical upgrade specifically for Microsoft flight simulator ? preferably a motherboard as well as I don’t believe newer CPUs will work with my current one.

I got a new Alienware computer just for fly siming. I have an i9 chipset with a Nvidia 2080 super video card and have been happy so far.

If you want to upgrade you’re going to want to look at intel 8/9th gen as a minimum. Bare in mind you will need both a new Mobo and RAM as they are DDR4 and your current mobo is DDR3.

It also depends on your price point. My advice is use pcpartpicker.com/list to put something together in your budget. If you intend to stick with Intel then I would suggest you start with the CPU and limit it to Coffee Lake Refresh (9th) gen or Comet Lake (10th Gen)

Bare in mind if you go for a K model they generally don’t come with a CPU cooler, so you’ll need to buy a 3rd party one.

The 4790 works pretty well if loaded right. All 8 logical cores evenly loaded even. Hovers at 65% load at LAX and around 50% during cruise. Make sure to never go more than 100 with the terrain LOD.

Looking at the upgrade cost (mobo, ram, ect.) of, say, a 9900 or 10900 (that’s what I would aim for), I don’t think it makes much sense at the moment. Especially because MSFS in the current state doesn’t benefit from more than 8 (logical) cores.

I am using an i7 4790 at 4.6 with a water cooler, 1080ti and 32 ram but only at 1600 (limited by mobo) I can get a more or less steady 30fps on most of the ga aircraft and it is generally quite smooth I sometimes get some stutters but nothing too bad. Settings are mostly on high. Must admit I have not ventured into any really high impact (On fps) places though

You mean, RAM loaded 16GB of 32GB ?

I don’t think this is the right time to upgrade because we will have Ryzen 4000 and Rocket Lake desktop CPUs soon.
Anyway at the moment you have two options, one more expensive (Intel) and slightly faster than the other.
A reasonable upgrade would be:

  • AMD: Ryzen 3700x - a X570 or B550 MB - 2x16 GB of 3200-3600 MHz RAM
  • Intel: i7 10700K - any Z490 MB - 2x16 GB of 3000-3200 MHz RAM

Using the MSFS2020 with an I9-9900KF was a good decision. Its one of the best gaming CPU and the advantage of good single core performance is good for gaming. If you plan to do more editing and other stuff go with AMD.

Sorry 32GB DDR3 at 1600Mhz

Really ? Can you post a screenshot of your in game settings because whilst I can average 30-40fps I get big drops quite regularly.

Also I thought the 4790k only had 4 cores ?

What motherboard do you have ? I have the same 4790k and 1080ti. I’m getting more FPS and on ultra.

edit: whoops you were replying to someone else

I updated from that CPU to 10700k OC at 5ghz, quite good. But you must disable HT on it to get a boost.

disable hyper threading on a 4790k ? or the 10700k ?

I had myself a 4790k for years, a really great CPU, but with a 8700K, which can be easily overlooked to 5.0 Ghz with a water cooling system, I almost doubled my FPS in Xplane 11. Anything equal or above would be a natural upgrade if you want to keep up with Intel.

It has 4 cores but with Hyperthreading it’s 8 logical cores. NEVER disable HT.

Here’s my settings. Note that I cut the instrument update rate to 50% (=15FPS) and use the Process Lasso trick, and RTSS to lock the sim to 30FPS (the only way that works). Let me know if you need links. But with the 4790K, 1080ti and 32GB RAM (16 was OK, too), I run 30FPS in the Airbus even in NYC, LAX ect. Not saying it “never” stutters, but it runs extremely well.

Thanks for the screenshot. What do you mean by cutting the instrument update rate ? I see no setting for this anywhere.

I have tried the process lasso trick however mine never has ‘windows dynamic thread priority boosts’ ticked to begin with, it defaults with that setting disabled.

gigabyte ga-z97x-game plus by the way i have HT off at the moment - i am not that savvy on all the BIOS tweaks

On 10700k HT should be disabled.
On 4790 it should be ON.

HT is not boosting CPU’s with 8 cores or more, on MSFS.

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OK thanks i will try that