Logitech extreme 3D pro with Logitech throttle controls

Can someone give me direction on how to setup a Logitech 3D pro joystick with a logitech throttle controls? How to separate them etc? Also how to use a real tablet synced with msfs 2020 and PC? See attached pics

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No one knows how to set this up or give me any advice?

Don’t know about the Logitech gear but can I ask what you wish to use the tablet for?

Now tell me the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick is no good and I’ll call you a monkeys uncle. TTThhhuuuppp :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: lol. If its good enough for TRC Simulators, it’s good enough for me and I own two of them. (one for parts).

It’s okay for the price. In some ways the more expensive Logitech Saitek joysticks are more awkward than it is, I’d also use it over the cheaper Thrustmaster sticks (anything below T16000/Airbus). I’d say both CH Fighterstick and VKB Gladiator are better value for money though, but it’s still an okay choice for someone just starting who doesn’t know if his going to be sticking for sims on long term.

In absolute sense, i.e. compared to an extended flight stick where your thumb sits 40+cm above the stick’s pivot point, fitted into a center mount and with a customizable (progressive vs. non-progressive loading, center detent or not, spring strength, possibly clutch damper) cam-and-spring based gimbal design, well you get what you paid for.

It’s an affordable setup intended for G1000 familiarization. If that’s all what you are going for, it does sound like a valid cost-cutting choice.

I’m just a GA flyer and do a lot of touring and fly locally (in Ontario and Canada). I venture out globally sometimes (Switzerland and Europe being my favorites), so I don’t need the full Monty when it comes to flight controls. I just sold the complete Thrusmaster Captains pack controls with ATC headset (don’t like Airliners). I over bought falling prey to the marketing hype. I’m on “X” series console and just use the 20th Anniversary controller, mouse and keyboard and won’t trade it for anything now. I love that little controller. The Logitech joystick I use for Aero Fly. I thought I was going to go full cockpit set up but realized (for me) its more of a PITA than anything. I like things simple and compact. I never gave those little game controllers the credit they deserved till I started using one.

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Yeah, that’s not really optimal solution for universal controller. More of a something for someone who mostly flies tube liners IFR under autopilot. The full set in particular really overinvests in inflexible throttle quadrant which it bundles with relatively cheap stick. For GA you’d want to invest firstly on the primary flight control and only secondarily on throttle.

Exactly. I’m right handed when it comes to using a joystick, so throttles on the left hand (and I’ve tried) don’t feel comfortable to me at all. I’m starting to think I have a handicap.