Logitech F310 Gamepad not listed in controllers

I am trying to use my Gamepad to control cameras, as I do with Chaseplane in P3D, but for some reason Flight Simulator is not seeing it. It has only appeared once, when I booted up not realising the powered USB hub that has my other flight controllers attached to it was now powered hence no other controllers were active. This led me to wonder if the gamepad is ‘left out’ if MSFS sees my Joystick, Throttle Quadrants and Rudder Pedals.
I am also having an issue with my Logitech k270 keyboard whereby it IS listed in controls, and I can set key binds etc but once I start a flight it is dead to the sim.
Any help greatly appreciated.

I have also tried a Microsoft Xbox S controller which is recognised in Windows Device Manager but, as with the Logitech, doesn’t appear in as an available controller in the sim.

Just bumping this in case anyone has any ideas?

Make sure you have the X/D toggle set correctly. Also check your steam settings for joysticks if you’re using steam. I’ve got a 710 that ids fine. Similar unit.

thanks for taking a look at my post.
Yes that was one of the first things I checked.
I have also plugged in an official Xbox controller and getting same issue. I only want to use it to control cameras.
Other hardware I have plugged in is a Thrustmaster Warthog Joystick, 2 x Saitek/Logitech throttle quadrants, Logitech rudder pedals, a Logitech multi panel and TrackIR