Logitech flight yoke system

Until PMDG comes out with the 737 I’m trying to map out on the Logitech flight yoke system. My throttle quadrant has one handle for thrust, one for prop pitch , and one for fuel mixture. So only three handles. I am able to map the pitch and mixture controls but I’ve tried the technique a guy from YouTube by the profile name of huddison showed in his videos. Using toggle and hold but both neither have worked so far. Basically I brought the throttle handle to idle and when msfs asks for a command to assign the button I then pull the throttle handle down and Z appears in the assignment window. I save and apply and try it on the airbus and 747 but neither one open up the reverser gates on the plane. Does anyone have any idea how to rectify this ? I can’t continue to use breaks and burn them up

Both of those bindings were broke in SU7. The one to use until they are fixed is throttle down.

Are you talking about just bringing the engines to idle or is there a keyboard command I can setup. And is this a issue for all throttle hardware or am I just fortunate enough with Logitech/ saitek pro yoke system?

They seem to be broke atm. There is 3rd party software you could use to manage the bindings. I set up my throttle, joystick, radio and autopilot panel with spad.next (payware) because you can trigger events and set values in variables directly without the use of the in-sim mapping. Maybe use the free trial until things get fixed.

No it’s an actual assignment called ‘Decrease Throttle’. If you map this to the Saitek button beyond the throttle idle position it will decrease the throttle below idle position to reverse. It’s a workaround for now until those other bindings are fixed.

Thank you :pray: Sling380.