Logitech G Saitek PRO Flight Yoke System any good with MSFS?

Hi all, I’m thinking of getting an entry level yoke system and have my eye on this one (perhaps a Black Friday purchase as I don’t want to spend too much).

I’ve read mixed reports about this device, but for someone who simply enjoys VFR in the low & slow Aircraft (rarely fly airliners) would it be ok?

I enjoyed mine for a good year or so before upgrading to the honeycomb alpha. Worked great for GA. Doesn’t have the full range of motion as honeycomb but is a great entry level yoke in my opinion.

Compared to using Xbox controller or k/m - you won’t be disappointed.

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I’ve already got a HOTAS setup, just missing the Yoke component!

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Same path as me… I went from hotas to yoke.

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If you have the money to afford a honeycomb setup, I probably wouldn’t recommend the saitek configuration (other then the rudder controls)

The reason being, I ended up buying the saitek yoke and throttle quadrant. By default the yoke is ok. The problems started when I would try and use the throttle quadrant, which uses a ps2 connector into the yoke. For some reason, the upper yoke and left yoke quadrant would behave very erratically with the power controls not behaving in a proper fashion (i.e. the power settings would just hit a dead zone under the lower 1/3 of travel ,etc). I tried cleaning the contacts but it didn’t resolve the erratic nature

Under frustration I jerked the yoke to full right alerion deflection and the rack and pinion within the yoke assembly and cracked the plastic gearing.

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Unfortunately no I don’t have the money, hence looking at the Saitek and when it might be on sale.

I’ve been using that equipment (yoke, throttle quadrant and rudder pedals) for the last couple of years and have had no issues. I wanted something entry level to see if I liked it and I do. For the amount I fly it’s perfect. If I get more serious then I could upgrade.

It’s a bit plasticly feeling but then at that price not entirely surprising. Build quality is fairly good.

For the rudder pedals I find they slip around on the floor but that’s solved with a cheap non-slip drawer liner (a few $), less intrusive than screwing it to the floor.

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I have the original Saitek yoke with TQ and an extra TQ together with the rudders, going strong for close to 8 years now.
They work fine. You just have to remember to clean the axis every once in a while with some WD40 to keep them from jittering. Biggest downside is the limited travel in the joke. 45° either way, which gives less precision than the standard 90° from nowadays


Nice thanks guys, I already have the rudder pedals same use a non slip mat underneath on the carpet which works well enough.

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It’s a shame the pedals don’t come with the same carpet grip rod (retractable) that the car racing pedals do.

Yeah my G25 pedals had that although it wasn’t strong enough, I ended up removing them completely from the housing and fixing to an aluminium board then onto my sim rig.

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