Logitech Joystick does not respond in WORLD MAP option

I have FS 2020 installed with Windows 10. After correctly configuring and calibrating my Logitech Pro 3D Joystick in the SETTINGS option, I start the game and 04 options appear on the screen: WORLD MAP, NICE, FLIGHT TRAINING and ACTIVITIES. In the WORLD MAP (MAPAMUNDI) option the Joystick does not respond.

However, in the second option (NIZA), in the third option FLIGHT TRAINING (ENTRENAMIENTO DE VUELO) and in the ACTIVITIES (ACTIVIDADES) option: The Joystick works perfectly. I have tried to check some configuration and I have no success. Thank you in advance for your help.

What are you expecting the joystick to do in the world map?
Use the mouse to interact with the map and the joystick to control the aircraft once you have loaded the flight. :+1:

Hi Blitzer303: First of all I use the mouse to choose the origin airport and destination airport, I also choose the airplane model and when I click on the FLY option the Joytick does not work, I cannot accelerate, the rudder does not respond either. However when I choose other options such as the ACTIVITIES option for example, here the Joystick works perfectly.

Hi! I have exactly the same roblem with a Microsoft Sidewinder precision. I have calibrated the joystick manually and it works perfectly in ACTIVITIES and FLIGHT TRAINIG, but if I want to create a FLIGHT by myself, only the buttons are working but not the stick…

I resolved my issue explained below: just because the toggle IA command for flight controls was set to ON…
Check it on your side too. By the way if you cannot control the plane with your keyboard the reason is probably this on