Logitech Multi-panel only works with some planes

Hi, recently i’ve purchased the logitech flight multi panel, it works flawlessly in some planes: TBM, C172S, Cessna CJ4 and some others, but in others, such as the A320, the Cessna Longitude, the B787-800, it only works if i start up the plane directly on the runway / let the AI start it up.

I use SPADNext for all my Logictech panels, it is flawless on every plane. I create a general profile for one plane, then create new ones from that one. Each plane has different functions and SPADNext works very will for that which is nice when you want to configure each plane correctly. But it works very well with the LogicTech panels and I do not use the LogicTech Drivers, do not need them

Assign a command to enable avionics on any button. Clicking this button will help you turn on the multi-panel, on planes where it doesn’t work.

Sorry for my bad English.

I will try it, looks like it’s even better! Thanks!

That worked, Thanks!!