Logitech Multi Panel

Anyone with problems with the Logi Multi Panel Altitude and VS buttons not responding correctly to request. If I turn the large knob (generally) it moves in thousands and throws in the occasional hundred to mess it up then its very hard to get the hundreds out. It is on it’s own USB port as it should be but still not responding properly. I had it on a hub and it was “horrible” but now better but not right. Also it does not seem to be talking to the actual plane panel even though it functions in the air.

Also, while at it, has anyone figured out how to make the Thrustmaster TCA Airbus Throttle start engines. The last recent update says it fixed that but I don’t see it happening.

Same issue here. It seems that the Thrustmaster TCA interferes with the Logitech multipanel dial. If you disconnect the TCA, the multipanel works fine. I have not found any workaround to this

Thank you. I will look at that. I did however install Spadnext and that took care of it as well.