Logitech Rudder Pedals Return to Center

I believe this started after I replaced the Logitech yoke with the Honeycomb Alpha although the Logitech is still connected in order to use the Logitech Throttle and the yoke’s USB hub. The rudder deflects right and left but returns to center while still holding full rudder. Using the keyboard the rudder will remain full right or full left. The settings have been checked multiple times and responds correctly. I have never installed any of the software for Logitech or Honeycomb. What am I missing?

Have you checked that auto-rudder has not somehow been enabled?
Failing that I would suggest checking the assignments of all controllers you have connected to ensure that only one is assigned for controlling the rudder and/disconnect them all and only reintroduce them one at a time until the problem reoccurs.


Yup. Something is double mapped. I had this problem with my rudders when I had both the Logitech Pedals and a HOTAS (twist axis) configured to the rudder axis. I could stomp the pedals firmly to either side, but the rudder kept jumping to center because the HOTAS was still telling the sim that it was centered. Once I unplugged the HOTAS (since I only use it for Helicopter flight) the problem went away.

Just my $.02.



Thanks. I’m planning to buy the Bravo when the price returns to normal. Definitely like the Alpha yoke over the Logitech. I’ll check those mappings on the axis’s. I didn’t know they were shared. Sometimes I get weird results landing and taxiing, where take-offs were hard to keep centered and from over/under-correcting.

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Just thought I should give a nudge to this check/fix:
In addition to eliminating the controller conflict (if there is one), don’t forget to also follow what Blitzer303 advised above, i.e. verify in the sim, as to whether or not you have Auto-Rudder enabled!

If you are using rudder pedals, I’ve found it’s far better to disable Auto-Rudder otherwise you’ll get unexpected rudder behaviors, and cross-controls won’t work properly for crosswind landings, forward slips, etc. I believe right after one or two of the Sim Updates (I don’t recall which one), airplane rudders were misbehaving; I discovered that Auto-Rudder had been somehow re-enabled.