Logitech Switch Panel

Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum and also new to flight simulation. I have a Logitech Switch Panel that is not recognized by the game. The pc recognizes it without any problems and all switches work via the test software.

The sim does not recognise the panel natively. There are two options. Download a utility called AxisandOhs from LorbySI. I haven’t used it but the reports are good and it is freeware. The other is Spad.Next. It is payware BUT worth every cent. It is much more in depth and personally I almost cannot fly without it. However, a word of warning at the moment. There is a confirmed issue with SimConnect (which BOTH programs - and many others e.g. VPilot, LittleNavMap, etc, etc - use). This issue affects frame rates and can cause a large drop and also induces stuttering. MS/Asobo are currently working to solve the issue but as of today (21/08/2020) it is still an issue.

hello, thank you for the answer. I think I’ll try the freeware and hope that Logitech will provide another plug-in driver. I fly 99% of the time with the Cessna 172 and I would like to use the panel :blush:

I have not yet started MSFS, will be downloading this weekend but have been reading these forums. I was wondering the same question as I have several panels. I use DCSFLIGHTPANELS in DCS and Elite Dangerous, it is a key emulator so as long as you have a key binding for the operation you want you can program this software. Good luck and hope it works. It is free !!

The Lorby.si software works. I just wanted my Aveonic Master switch activated for Aveonic BUS 2. with the switch I can only turn off the Aveonic BUS but not turn it on. Can someone help me?

ok i uninstalled the program again, i have massive fps drops. It’s a shame that my switch panel is still worthless. I hope Logitech will quickly bring out a plug in software like for FSX.

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Unfortunately it is NOT the LorbySI software. As I said above, there is currently a bug in the SimConnect module from MS/Asobo. They have acknowledged this and are working on a fix. Until then we just need to sit tight. Also, I doubt Logitech will update the drivers but even if they do I wouldn’t use them - use LorbySI or Spad.Next instead.

I have already recognized the problem that it depends on MS. the logitech driver works perfectly with FSX.

I downloaded the Axis and Ohs but i cant seem to add the radio panel. it is recognized but I cant add it.

I was able to get it working but one thing i am having a problem with. The radio panel does not let me change the frequency. When i do it from the aircraft it shows correctly on the panel. but when i turn the dials it does not change in the aircraft. everything works for the SQUAK and altimeter. just the freq not working. any ideas. I am using Axis and Ohs

Which aircraft? And are you trying to manipulate COM or NAV radio?

I tried in the A320 as well as 787. I am trying to operate the COM radio. Works in the aircraft and changes the Logitech display. But I can’t use Logitech display to change the aircraft.

Didn’t tried in 787. In my case, panel sets A320 COM radio fine. Tried it both with Spad.Next and Axis and Ohs. The thing is the displays in virtual cockpit don’t refresh unless there is mouse input. But, you can check and confirm the radio frequency from ATC window.

Additionally, NAV radios in A320 is slaved to MCDU by default, you need to override that with secured NAV button before you can manipulate it with Logitech Panel. That also works fine with both interfaces after you override.

Can someone help me with the Logitech Switch panel with Cessna 172? Everything tests fine in Windows but when I try to turn engine off with the magneto knob switch to Off, the screen panel ‘key’ stays on R magneto and the engine keeps running but the knob switch on the panel is turned to Off. I have to turn the knob back to R and back to Off before the engine shuts down. It’s Annoying. Any ideas what’s going on? Anyone else with this issue? Thanks in advance.