London, a post apocalyptic zone still?

It’s all subjective, isn’t it? For some PG will look good, for others not so much. Maybe saying awful about Pamplona PG was an exaggeration (London is definitely awful though), but it’s still not the level of details that would convince me to keep photogrammetry on.

As I said earlier PG is good when flying GA planes 5,000ft AGL but looks terrible from helicopter point of view. It’s just a matter of personal taste. I don’t expect people to agree with me. EOT

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Very much so.

Which brings me back to my earlier question. What is it you expect to see at that altitude? Do you expect to be able to read signs in shop windows, for example? Or be able to read road signage?

You won’t get any of that with auto-gen either.

If London looked half this good, I’d be over the moon :slight_smile:

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I have PG turned off at the moment mainly because of the performance impact on my oldish PC system.

When I get my new PC later this year (waiting for the new AMD CPUs) I might get back to you on this :+1:

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London is a weird case. I am 100% sure that at some point, about 4 months ago, it improved MASSIVELY. But then sometimes it is bad again. However I am 100% certain that better data IS there hiding away, just something is messed up with the LoD triggers in London so you don’t usually see it properly.

Very weird. But Jorg said they were going to improve it. I would think there would be an announcement about this, but maybe they did it sever side ~4 months ago, but it’s flaky (no surprise there!)…??

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For London, there is so much complex geometry going on that big chunks of it should really be removed by hand, and replaced with hand crafted scenery. All the overhead power lines for example, the cable car over the river, T-cranes, and so on.

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It used to look better - this is a (poor) screen shot from a video I made over a year ago, it’s pretty low altitude and not a sign of a post apocalyptic disaster in sight.

Literally just on the edge of central London, all looks well, ok it’s not 100% but it’s enough to be convincing I think.

At low level it really does have a grim, post war look to it…