London Heathrow - 19 landing aircraft per hour...ZERO takeoffs

Friday night at EGLL and lots of aircraft landing - which is great (even if 2 out of 3 have to go around due to the slow exit of the plane from the runway).

However, in the space of an hour, whilst 19 aircraft landed, not one - zero - nada - took off.

The Nav/recognition lights are still invisible as well…unless you are at least a mile or two away.

Kind of progress then, sort of.

I know this issue for me personally is really immersion killer, traffic is so imprtant to me as a simmer.

Before I get comments “how lucky we are, to have a sim like this”.
I love this Sim however my other sims have traffic with other 3rd parties, which I am happy to pay for same with weather if it goes offline.
If Asobo cant achieve traffic, offer it to payware companies. I have sent a zendesk ticket but its not a priority to most or Asobo.


I have Traffic Global in the other sim and with Pilot2ATC the immersion is amazing in VR.

It could be the same in FS2020 if the traffic were fixed. P2A works fine in VR in FS2020. It’s just the miserable traffic that lets the whole thing down.

I have same, Pilot2 atc and PF3, as well as use Vatsim which is great. However you are limited to where you can fly to. The volunteers do a fab job but some airports dont have controllers, I like to travel the world.

That’s the only downside with Vatsim…and trying to write taxi instructions on the mcdu scratch pad in VR as there’s no virtual keyboard on the EFB…at the moment anyway!!

In Avitab of course in xp, there is.

Maybe there is Insulate Britain protests on runway. Check…


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