London (What happened !)

Looks like a bomb has gone off.
Please highlight in a Dev session so it can be revisited.

Asobo and MS are well aware of the issues and have been for a long time. Jorge said months ago that he would like to see London redone properly but focus has now probably shifted to MSFS2024. It’s a real shame that they couldn’t get such a big and important city right.


What do you have your TLOD/OLOD set to, and also which platform, which may answer the first question?

Regarding new data, my assumption is the data could be used by either sim, so there is no reason to think that new London data will come with 2024 specifically, and not 2020. It would be an odd thing to hold back as well. Though I would guess that the product managers are going to want a nice long list of bullet points for 2024 to encourage users to upgrade. Neo-London is probably not going to be one of them. :slight_smile:

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I noticed a few months ago that London had definitely improved without any notification, posts here about it, fanfare etc etc.

Last time I flew there it looked way better than the previous times Armageddon. The data is there but the LODs seem… erratic?


i had a similar problem, and it was suddenly fixed
i think there is a bug in the tlod setting
sometimes it doesnt reach the level at wich is set
yours look like its set at 10

I think i saw this as well happening live and took picture
I posted in another topic

I expect Ghengis has let London get like that now…

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Note that the low-resolution LOD levels on the London photogrammetry are notoriously bad, making this area particularly subject to visible problems when mysterious network? server? graphics? something? issues causes things to be slow to load for hard to diagnose reasons…

Yep.Londons not what it once was!

As a relative newcomer, I never flew with the early builds, so can’t make a comparison with them, but this is what I’m seeing on my PC with v1.37.11.0. Not the nuclear wasteland that the OP posted above, but some of the high-rises & especially the cranes look pretty bad if you fly too close to them. Nothing to do with this build, of course.
The sim was pulling down around 50 Mbps during the flight over the city:

Then there are the trees. Here we are in Regent’s park. I’m not sure if these are supposed to be trees, or actual sculptures commissioned by the City of London Arts Department. You never know these days… :roll_eyes:

Partial Specs & settings:
Build: SU15B v1.37.11.0
3rd-Party Addons: None, Community Addons: None
Flight configuration: Multiplayer: All Players. Traffic: Live, Weather: Preset Clear Skies
i7-12700K (No overclocking), 32 GB 5200 MHz DDR5 CL40, Arc 770 (16GB, v31.0.101.5333).
Graphics Tab: TAA, Render resolution 1700x960 @ 125, AMD Fidelity - 150, VSync - On, FRL - 100% MRR (60 Hz), HDR10 - Off, DX12B, TLOD @ 250, OLD @ 200, Motion Blur - Off, Other settings - all Ultra
Traffic Tab: Aircraft Traffic Type - Real-Time Online, Slider Settings - All 100%, Generics (AI, MP) - Both Off, Show MP in Vicinity - On, Traffic Variety - Ultra
Data Tab: Data Connection: All six options - On, Data Limit - Off, Bandwidth - Unlimited, Rolling Cache - Off
Developers Tab: Developer Mode - Off
MSFS Version: MS-Store, Standard, plus All WUs

Cranes will always look bad because they are a non-solid surface that the PG technology can see through.

The beta included files for the UK world update. I’m not sure if it’s that or maybe the UK regional scenery updates (payware) but the whole UK looks so great, it’s the only place I have been flying the last 2 weeks. Flying out of the London City airport (which is downtown) is gorgeous!