Long haul performance degradation back with SU12?

What about the first flight OK 1-1.5h long and a second flight is always terrible situation I described earlier.
Since I fly mostly in the same area around the Canary Islands, scenery is not an issue for me. That would be either always good or always bad.
I always close the flights back to the main menue so that they are properly logged. Then I fly the same aircraft eith back or to another AP in the area.
And lately that second flight is unbearable.

I never fly more than once in the same game session. I always restart the game after flight.

Different specs. One is an 11700K with a 3070Ti and the other is a 7800X3D with a 4080Ti. Though they both have 32GB ram both aren’t weak systems by any means yet have the same issue.

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why, should be clear by now… FS2024, that’swhere the HR is now.

i just had exactly that:

It’s just frustrating. I understand that this is about long-haul performance, but it’s still performance-related. When MSFS was announced, I specifically invested a lot of money to be able to play this game in 4K with all the details that make the experience immersive. June 2023: I’m still sitting here during my vacation, nearly a week in, and nothing has significantly improved after reading through all sorts of threads and trying to tweak every possible setting bit by bit. The biggest impact on FPS was the switch in the Fenix config to “Render Displays on GPU.” Nevertheless, I can’t go beyond 35 FPS. By the way, it doesn’t matter whether:

→ all tests conducted on the ground at EDDF (Gate B28)

Resolution is set to Full HD or 4K
manual assignment of cores to be used and not used in the Task Manager (FenixDisplay.exe)
NVIDIA DLSS Super Resolution set to Quality or Performance
DX11 or DX12
Terrain LOD set to 100
running tests with clear skies
most settings on Low or High, fewest on Ultra
Process Lasso

Fenix textures reduced from 8K to 4K
username hidden above aircraft
Airport Life Vehicle Density set to 80
Worker Density set to 0
Land and Sea Traffic: Boats set to 0, Road Vehicles set to 10, Ships and Ferries set to 20, Fauna set to 40

Photogrammetry always enabled, no data limit (connection speed 100 Mbit via LAN), no antivirus software except Windows Defender. By the way, in the main menu, the FPS increases to around 100, and GPU utilization ranges between 82% and 87%. However, in the actual gameplay, GPU utilization drops to 35% to 42%. Out of the 16 CPU cores (8 logical cores), only cores 8-11 are heavily utilized.

I understand that there are other factors to consider, such as Airport Traffic, Live Traffic, and Live Weather. However, I don’t want to be tweaking settings when I invested in all of this to begin with. It’s like buying a car, and the wheels make strange noises while driving, and the mechanic recommends removing the wheels and propping the car up on stones - problem solved. I refuse to believe that neither Asobo, Microsoft, nor Fenix were aware of these issues. An Intel i9-11900k may not be Intel’s flagship (the GPU shouldn’t be the bottleneck - it runs fine in-game), but this kind of software mess should be prohibited. It’s incredibly unfinished. I’m really angry!

I’m throwing all this garbage out the window. I’ve really had enough!

System Specs:
Intel i9 11900k
ASUS 12GB D6X RTX 3080 Ti TUF Gaming OC
32 GB RAM @ 3,600
ASUS TUF Gaming Z590-Plus

Fenix A320

I can confirm the fps drops. after 1-2 hours, even on my 4090, the fps drops from 120 to 60. in addition, there are small stutters. i noticed that the graphics card only runs at 30%. after restarting the flight sim, it works at 80% again.

@asobo fix please! we paid a lot of money for our hardware. then the performance should also last more than 1 hour!

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This performance drop has nothing to do with Fenix Simulations. It’s an MSFS thing.

What seemed to have helped me is going through the installed add-ons in msfs and deleting everything I don’t use, including all of the tutorial stuff, the bushtrips, the challenges etc…

There’s a folder in the msfs directory called SceneryIndexes. Delete everything within it to clear out gunk.

I also deleted the content.xml file.

Seemed to have done it.

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RTX 4090 here. Over water for 6 plus hours performance is fine with FPS hitting my set limit of 141fps with 4K Ultra settings. Over land for 2 plus hours and the fps drops by over a half with heavy stutters when panning.

This has been an ongoing issue since MSFS released, it was fixed somewhat with SU10, but has been back since SU11 or 12.

Its a highly annoying issue and one that will put me off from purchasing MSFS 2024 should it not be fixed for good in the upcoming Sim Update.

Asobo - fix this as soon as possible PLEASE!


I have completed two long hauls in the WT Boeings (14&12hrs) I am not seeing this degradation from a stutter perspective. I can’t comment on the FPS side of this as my FPS is locked at 62 and it stays there from take-off to landing but not seeing any new stutters throughout the flight. I also activate PSXT live traffic on take-off and arrival and I only load the departure and destination scenery in my community folder. I wonder if the locked frames makes a difference? I am running a 4090 with 12900k.

A lot of people are seeing the FPS drop on long haul flights and im seeing on flight no longer than 1hr45m flights. This really defeats my desire to fly since I cant fly anywhere and still be able to land without a slideshow. Ive also noticed woth the fps drop its also sort of an input lag which makes it very difficult to control my power on final. Im really hoping they fix this instead of just focusing efforts on FS2024.


The Steam Overlay got reworked recently. Whenever that happens, performance bugs seem to creep in…

So anyway. I had stuttering while panning the camera in conditions where none ought to be expected. (system just restarted, nothing running in the background, 80fps and over Sardinia, which is low fidelity right now) Deactivating the Steam overlay completely removed those.

Another thing I’ve noticed in the past where extreme photogrammetry related stutters that went away when manually downloading the scenery upfront.

I’ cant seem to edit my posting (yet? new here).
Anyway. Saw stutters again near ground. Not sure if it was the Steam Overlay after all. Possibly the slow internet connection.

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

Yes, using the sim for longer than 4 hours results in a significant drop in frame rate. Regardless of airport or aircraft. I will start a flight at 60fps and barely maintain 20 by the time I land.

Provide extra information to complete the original description of the issue:

DX11, Ultra preset, terrain LOD 300, motion blur off. 3900x, 64gb RAM, 6900xt, 2tb NVME, wired gigabit internet.

If relevant, provide additional screenshots/video:

I unfortunately have to confirm this.

Just did a Long-Haul from Houston to Seattle with the Headwind, and on Approach the FPS went from 40 (Locked) down to 19-20 with worst Frames in the tens.

Of course the landings get much worse if you have no smooth gameplay and that somehow ruins the experience. Hope somebody knows a solution (Process lasso?)


Out of 16 cores (i9-11900k), only 4 cores (and only sporadically) are utilized - the rest are twiddling their thumbs. In-game, my RTX3080 runs at around 40% utilization, while in the main menu(!) it jumps to 80-90%, and voila, you get your 120 FPS@120 Hz. And believe me, I have already tested everything recommended in various forums. Forget about ‘Process lasso’ when the entire program code doesn’t do, what it should do.


Absolutely agree with you!

Nonetheless: there were “episodes” when longhaul flights without this degradation were possible.

How to get back to this? :grin:

MSFS2020 Long Haul flight from Houston to Seattle in Headwind A330neo / 4K HDR - YouTube here, just as an example, my flight from today…

you see how nice the FPS are in the beginning and during cruise, it think it started going downhill from minute 48 onwards…

So I kind of went desperate in trying everything I could to fix the issue. I removed my entire community folder and started a flight from Denver and went straight north from there to fly over as much land as possible. After about 2 hours I had zero stutter frames in the high to low 60s. After this I slowly kept adding 5-10 more addons and then tested another 2 hour flight even testing with some add on aircraft like the FBW A320. After I finally got through my entire folder of add ons put back into the folder and did a test flight I had zero stutter again. This was with all community add ons installed. After testing again with all plugins I did a normal flight and I think one my big issues with the stuttering was the traffic injection with FSLTL and FSHUD. When I didnt have FSHUD running it was fine. When I did the stutter came back.

Hope this can help somebody.

EDIT: Just cancelled my flight in FSHUD and my frames came back instantly. Maybe its less FSLTL and more FSHUD.

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My two cents to add more support to what is already a clearly evident issue.

Flew from EKCH - EFHK. 1 hour flight, performance on arrivial had my FPS into the low 20s.

Main thread on parking at the gate is 35-37ms. Reloaded into the same gate, same time, same everything and I was getting 30-32ms main thread timing. This is a pretty low level example. Longer flights result in much bigger differences.

7950X3D, 64GB 6000MHZ Cl30 RAM, 4090

I guess we just have to wait and see if Asobo can fix it. It certainly doesn’t bode well for the introduciton of more long haul aircraft…

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this doesn’t seem to affect aircraft that use default systems such as the working title 787 avionics, Been flying 10-13 hours without a single drop in fps.

I had this issue wth PMDG 737, Fenix A320 and Ini A310

but not with Kuro 787 or Default 787-10