Long Haul Performance In SU13

The original thread since SU12 has now been closed;

As this was mentioned within the Release notes for SU13, and spoken about during the Dev Q&A’;

I’m doing my first “longer” flight in SU13 now, 6 hours in the cockpit, an hour on the ground for setup and 5 in the air.

Another hours to go.

So far, my FPS has been rock solid, not only with locked camera, but also switching on trackIR. Stays stable and smooth.

Took off from CYHZ (FSimStudios) on the way to EGLL (iniScene). My usual payware and addons as well. On VATSIM, AIG Model Matching.

Running Air Manager, 3 pop outs and AviaWorks CDU.

We’ll see what it’s like when we land but so far so good.

Curious what other peoples long haul experiences have been post SU13?

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Just landed and FPS was down to 20FPS from 40.

To be fair, first time landing at EGLL, so it may just be the iniScene scenary.

I will have to see what it is on a fresh load on my flight out tomorrow.

ran JFK>FRA in 78x the other day (just over 7 hours block). Smooth sailing flying the entire flight. No traffic just me in the skies, live weather and time, Scenery loaded per USA WU’s and Prem Deluxe content. External apps include Navigraph, smartcars for VA, APL, Firefox with ~3-5 tabs and Sling app for watching some tube. Last time i tried this flight i CTD’d almost exactly halfway through the flight (which could be due to HW a330). I have EWR>NRT queued up in the coming days so that should be a real good test of long haul performance :eyes:

Ryzen 7 5800X
32gb DDR4
RTX 3060ti
W11 Home 64-bit

Not just you. Iniscenery is pretty heavy all on it’s own. I also have drops coming into LHR with the iniscene airport, even with the heavier addon scenery (cars, static aircraft etc) i get hit with the dip.

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Took off this morning and framerate was the same as landing so it doesn’t look like the usual sim loss was there. Once I got airborne I was back to usual FPS.

We’ll see when I land back in Canada :slight_smile: