Long Simulator Loading Times - WIFI vs. LAN? There seems to be an issue

I have had a huge increase in loading time since the last world update / patch (
The game seemed to be stuck in the “searching for update” loop. Eventually, the game loads (ca. 20min). This was never an issue before the and the game loaded up after 3 - 5 min. My community folder is basically empty except for a few airports.

Usually I run on wifi with a pretty stable 250 MBit connection and a Wifi Gaming Motherboard.
However, today I switched to LAN cable and what can I say…the loading times of the simulator are back to normal. The game checks very quickly for updates and then proceeds to the actual loading. It seems that the game can not properly check for updates when on wifi (even on a good stable connection). I updated my wifi driver and checked the settings (all in the normal areas).

I read that many other players have similiar waiting/long loading times. Maybe someone has an idea how to make the game load quick on wifi again. As I said, running the simulator on wifi was never an issue for me since the latest update.


P.S.: I’m located in Germany. Using a VPN (e.g. Netherlands), the simulator starts up quickly (3 - 5min) just like normal/LAN.

After the last update, I too have long load times.

What I found is the sim installed the update on my backup HDD E:, Not C:, which is an SSD, where I told it to install.

I documented this in another post.

Thanks for the info.
I uninstalled and reinstalled my sim today and it is all on my SSD as intended. However, I’m still facing the problem as described above.

I know you said you only have a few mods but I found my problem WAS a mod. I would suggest disabling all mods and then activate them one by one (■■■■■ aching process I know!!!). Unfortunately, mine was a conflict between two mods an aircraft livery and a scenery mod. It was a major PITA to track down but I found it in the end. Good Luck!

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Message Cancelled.

The download issue you report is not what this topic is about. Please create a separate topic.

Thank you. Unfortunately even with an empty community folder, nothing changes.

I’m also in Germany on wifi and as it’s so close to the router I usually don’t see any drop at all (my wife uses the only LAN for home office). Occasionally I do have to reset the router though and that’s usually on a Monday after the offices across the road have hooked up theirs.

Update: I reset my network and wifi settings as shown here: https://www.techadvisor.com/how-to/windows/reset-network-settings-3606337/

Now my SIM loads up again as quickly as before :slight_smile:

For those with long load times, please use this topic as it’s been logged: