Longest flight plan and failed

As the sim has been fairly good for me lately, just heavy stuttering, I thought i’d risk a long flight, my longest ever.

Using the TBM930, i put in an IFR flight of about 90 minutes. I planned to use ATC etc all the way with an ILS approach as using live weather for the first time in a while and it was poor at the destination.

After some 30 minutes of flight, joining a long straight leg at cruise, no waypoints, ATC was quiet, next waypoint was some 45 miles away I thought i’d leave the AP in charge and grab a coffee, talk to the passengers etc. I was gone maybe 10 minutes, came back to see the XBox screensaver on, moved the joystick to find the FS2020 pause screen on, pressed resume to be placed in a vertical spiral descent, at about 300knots+ alarms going off all over, threw the throttle open, hit the rudder etc and to my surprise managed to recover only to be greeted with the “Overstressed plane” warning and sudden death.

Now, as it was in very stable, autopilot controlled flight for a good period, not a full throttle, what could have gone wrong?? The engine was still running ok but why did it go into pause ???

Really disappointed in that as i had already done three touch and go’s today and it was behaving itself very well, i’ve given up now for today.

Obviously something happened to put your sim into Pause mode, involuntarily or not - we’ve all suffered these glitches at one time or another and for countless and sometimes unfathomable reasons.(I recently had a problem with the flaps suddenly deploying which I finally found out was a sticky key on the keyboard).
The behaviour once you “released” the pause is pretty typical - despite the action being paused the aircraft still “continues to fly” except it no longer receives usual corrections and when released does it’s own thing.
Personally I wouldn’t use a screensaver during a flight session, never know what effect it might have.
Just another mystery to add to the fun and games!

Edit: 90 mins, a long flight? That’s just around the block for me. Now 8 hours…!!!

Thats the thing - the xbox screensaver is on 30 minutes IIRC, i was only gone 10 max, I never use pause and never seen it pause itself.

Since the issues of the last couple of updates - CTD’s etc, I have restricted all my air time to no more than 30 minutes, I only fly GA so 90 minutes in a Cessna 172 or even the TBM is long enough for me :slight_smile:


Had the same here in the past. 2.5 hour flight, quick convenience trip before setting up for approach. Put autopilot on. Came back, turned AP off and entered exactly the death spiral with the TBM930. I now have stress damage turned off if I’m going to use AP!

The sim will ask after ten minutes of no input on the controller if “you are still there” if you dont “stay connected” you will be kicked from the server.

I timed it the other day on a flight from KORD>KONT as I was curious. Even set the Xbox setting to not “sleep” for 6 or more hours. But its the sim, and perhaps only on xox.

What happened is your Xbox controller went to sleep after 10 mins of no input, which pauses the sim since “no controller” is detected.

Pausing the sim while AP is active has always been problematic and can result in what you experienced.

But I don’t use the xbox controller, i have the VF1 and HOTAS pedals plus keyboard & mouse.

Much against my better judgement, I decided to try another flight, 60 minutes this time and was present all the time.

It was great for maybe 20-25 minutes then i got the server disconnect message followed by the red warning box - this alternated pretty much for the rest of the flight :frowning:

The AP goofed up the ILS, the GS was green but it was constantly over the diamond, never properly intercepted the slope despite being green. I managed a very steep manual landing but not a good one.

Shut it all down and went for messing about in GTA5 instead, I really can’t get into a flight with messages popping up all the time, stuttery as well. :frowning:

It may have been the online services cutting out that caused your issue then.


Yep - looks like servers are currently off-line. Got the warning message and there’s a sticky from the mods.

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What’s worse, you can’t use the rubber band on the controller trick to keep your session alive. I was flying from LAX to HNL and had several hours of nothing to do. Would be nice to take a break for longer than 10 min.

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Tried again today, 100% success :slight_smile: Also got a “wheels up to touchdown” award

Don’t try and edit the passenger weight while in flight - press enter and instant spiral nosedive! I did manage to recover well but the passengers complained, some threw up :slight_smile:

Only gripe is that it seems to switch to NAV1 for ILS approach way too soon or at the wrong time - the plane then wanders off as there was no NAV signal, had to flick through the nav sources to get back to GPS, approach mode was enabled before FF and the rest went by the book, lovely trip, Southend in Essex to RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall, en-route waypoints of London, Bristol, Exeter :slight_smile:

I haven’t had any damage on whatsoever since the first time I raged when my plane crashed because of some MSFS bug. Turn it off, it’s not very realistic anyway.