Longest flight

What’s the longest flight done because I think I’m winning London to Sydney took 24 hours


Wow! If nothing else it says a lot for the stims stability, at least on your system.

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You actually stayed awake for that? Lol
If you didn’t then I don’t give you props. Anyone can go around the world by just leaving their computers on

Add some tailwind at 150 knots, and you’d shave all that travel time. Or add it as a headwind and achieve the opposite effect. Hahaha.

I think my longest flight was to get the steam achievement and fly between the Asobo’s home airport to Microsoft’s home airport of KSEA. It was about 8-10 hours flight I think. I left it on at night to go to bed, and the next morning, I just jump in and do my descent.

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On your own?
Did you sleep any?
Did you have a ‘standby’ crew?
Perhaps you were raising money for charity?

And anyway, you have done absolutely no science here whatever!
Though somehow I feel you should at least get a badge or something.



So we just gonna ignore fuel? :smile: It’s a long flight yet:

  1. Did you do this nonstop? How? The 10 has a range of 8,055 miles. This trip great circle is 9,188 and should take about 17 1/2 hours.

  2. You need an A350 XWB to do this trip proper

  3. Have a go at the current world’s longest commercial flight run by Singapore Airlines in the Airbus A350 XWB - KEWR to WSSS 18:30 and 9,534 NM.

Hi, I have moved your post to the screenshot section as it’s the most appropriate. :slight_smile:

man… I really want an A350 XWB aircraft in this sim…

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With HUD retrofit… Heck… I want the HUD retrofit on the A320 as well…


Wow this is a great accomplishment good job @Opgsuttonyt

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Impressive, nice article. Amazed only 50 people max but for sure needed to make the stretch. Still not a revenue flight so looks like SIA keeps the record - for now!


They have need room on the plane to exercise

Still not sure I’d like to take any of those ultra long flights…I’ve done SYD-DFW and AKL-YVR, both over 13.5hrs…that’s long enough!

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I’m with you there! As much as I love flying that’s a long time in the air. Although the plus is you are likely traveling somewhere you want to be which perhaps makes it more enjoyable!

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This has to be the longest the longest flight I’ve done in MSFS with distance. It took 19hrs with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Now if this was done with a Cessna or something in that it would’ve took longer than 24hrs.

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