Longitude 1.9.5 - Problems still persist

Here’s a few observations after the 1.9.5 patch:

  1. Dancing Dolphin - The problem now starts to appear after 32,000ft. It doesn’t become a real problem until 37,000ft
  2. ‘Travel To’ still resets speed, NAV, altitude to zero. It turns off the lights and window heat. All settings and a stable autopilot situation was promised two patches ago but never happened
  3. Mach button now works but it won’t hold Mach speed as the plane climbs past 30,000ft. You constantly have to adjust the Mach speed so the aircraft doesn’t red line
  4. The Longitude cruises published at 0.84M. This model can only get to 0.74M according the the Garmin (it actually can do 0.84M without the speed warning but the Garmin shows overspeed). An adjustment will have to be made to the Garmin 0.84M in green and not red line
  5. Fuel tanks are not accurate as the plane runs out of fuel less that half the range the aircraft is supposed to be capable of
  6. Garmin speed tape is wrong concerning flap speed. If you wait until the tape shows it’s safe to deploy first degree of flaps your almost stalling

Please post other observations you guys find. Asobo really should open this plane up so third party community members can adjust config settings to get this bird right. Looking at what was done with the CJ4 the Longitude could use the same treatment. Asobo would still have to adjust the Garmin to allow 0.84M cruise speed like I said above.

On a positive note it’s flyable now under 37,000ft.


“premium” aircraft right there.


Taxi lights and landing lights are still not visible from cockpit view. Seems still no real fixes of essentials in this plane…

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This patch has essentially fixed the major regressions the last patch had introduced and nothing else.

Since it seems that it doesn’t introduce new regressions, I won’t complain. The next patch will try to fix some of the long standing bugs.

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Check patch notes before complaining. No changes were made to Longtitude.

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The patch note said oscillation reduced in some aircraft. It’s obvious the Longitude is better now than it was.

As OP stated, oscillation begins at 32,000ft, confirmed. Violent oscillation that gets worse unless you go down to lower altitud and the fuel range is nuts, ran out of fuel on 50 percent after 1 hour and 10 mins.

Im still having problems with ap on long flights, over an hour. It seems that the autopilot works fine for the first hour of the flight and then it stops working altogether and I have to fly the plane manually for the last half hour or hour of the flight. Is anyone having a problem with the ap on long flights? Is this a problem with only the Longitude?

It’s clear that they have some of the CJ4 config settings assigned to the Longitude. Notice the fuel capacity is the same. I suspect that is the cause of the speed issues as well. There is NO WAY the Longitude should climb at 10000 feet per minute sustained.

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Made an adjustment to my statement above. As long as you have the speed set to Mach (click the center of the knob) where the aircraft is operating under Mach it can do 0.84M. The problem is the Garmin is red lining at that speed. The speed tape is totally off for both the high end cruise speed and the flap speed.

PFD screen freezes

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The performance requirements for business jets are very different from airliners since they typically operate out of shorter runways and want to climb straight to FL410+. Generally, this results in an aircraft with a much higher thrust to weight. At light weights and low altitudes, 10k ft/min seems perfectly reasonable.

Keep in mind that jet engine performance doesn’t scale with altitude and airspeed like it should for any aircraft. Hopefully Asobo decides to fix this as well.

Cannot adjust the Speed bug at all, so auto thrust/speed maintenance is useless.

I am finding out that the G 3000 PFD freezing in the Long seem to happen when I have an ILS approach in my flight plan. I have flown 6 recent flights with RNAV approaches in my flight plan and did not encounter any freezing of the PFD. I need to see if this is true with the TBM.

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