Longitude radio CDU

After the latest update, I noticed that the pilot CDU (left of pilot) key inputs do not work when this panel is undocked? When trying to enter transponder code, second digit does not respond to all numeric mouse key entries? When panel is docked it works fine? Looses key mapping when undocked?


No touch screen display like the GTC-580 (both Longitude and TBM) nor the G3X and now the GTN 750 has ever worked for me when popped out / undocked. Not with a mouse, nor via touch on my external touch screens.

After SU7, any click or touch I do in a popped out screen gets transferred to the main sin windeow instead of the undocked window. By that, I mean that clicking, touching things at random spots in the undocked windows can translate to switches or controls in the virtual cockpit being activated, as that’s where the click commands get executed vs the window they’re supposed to be executed in.

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I did notice when RADIO display unit is undocked, toggling the numeric display may change items on atc menu?

This is new to latest update7

One of the “fixes” listed in the patch notes under the UI section:

  • Fixed mouse click sometimes didn’t work on external windows

It only “fixes” (and I use that term loosely) the clicks if it’s on the same monitor. The second you move it to another monitor, the clicks get registered in the main sim window instead of the undocked window. So depending on where that external window is positioned, it may be registering clicks in your virtual cockpit instead.

So if you have your ATC window open in your main window (not undocked), it’s receiving the mouse events that should be going to your GTC-580’s popped out window.

As an example, I popped out my PMS50 GTN750 window to another monitor. Trying to activate it, either with mouse or touch, was toggling light switches in my plane instead of making changes in the GPS.

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When I get a chance I will check it out! This stuff should not happen!


It shouldn’t. It’s stuff like this that makes me doubt anything they list as “fixed” in patch notes.

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Both CDUs have been undocked to touch displays for a year and This certainly has not been a problem until update 7? But, I always had to get focus back to main screen to get other hardware to work after using the remote displays.

The you’re one of the lucky ones where it used to work. For many of us, popped out “touch” windows were dead to both mouse and touch inputs. Myself being one of those for whom it never worked.

And yes, there’s that interesting problem where the second your mouse / cursor moved over a popped out window, all your hardware controls become unresponsive.

That’s quality work right there.

Just looked at this and as long as I close atc menu, the undocked touch displays work fine!
This is new since su7! I never had a problem with this. These guys need to get this fixed! The update always sets me back one step. So now I have to worry where the mouse focus is?

Also noticed a lot of ground haze where ever I fly? Not sure this is real weather?

As you can see, We have many hours in this sim and dollars! So you can see every time we have to go back and correct msfs2020, it is very frustrating!

Sweet cockpit. That’s awesome.

I understand your frustration. Every update seems to break stuff that worked fine before, or change functionality that didn’t need changing.

And I also envy the fact you can use touch at all. My setup is all touch screen, and it’s never worked with the “touchable” popouts. This new stupid, flawed functionality is the closest I’ve ever had it to being able to use touch screens to control touch functions from popout sim windows.

I believe the ground haze is due to the new METAR-utilizing weather in the latest update using MSL instead of AGL. At first I was really excited as I thought they had implemented “fog” better… but nope. It’s everywhere and when there’s no fog.

I guess that’s kind of off-topic, but you’re the OP so just FYI

Yes, thanks ! This comment was in the wrong place. Thought this haze was a little unusual. Doesn’t look bad though!

It’s not AGL vs MSL as it also affects airports close to sea level. But it’s real and very annoying. :slight_smile:

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