Look At the Live Traffic!

I haven’t seen this much live traffic in a while… and not sure it’s just multiplayer… seems to be actual AI live traffic!!! Woo hoo!


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Are you sure it’s not UFO? :relaxed:

Btw how you manage this? Maybe because of the server you use?

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hahahaha. Def may be a UFO.

I have no idea… typically, in past 2 months, I’ve seen maybe 4 or 5 flights at DFW but tonight either there are a lot of multiplayers or traffic has been “improved” in latest patches. Just loved seeing it, feels more realistic.

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You make me jealous :yum:

I was at Austin about a week ago. Tons of traffic too (Live). Had to wait like 15 mins just to take off. Had a line behind me too. Touch and go’s were outta the question so I headed to San Marcos Mun (KHYI) still traffic there but not nearly as much. It was fun!

It’s pretty easy to tell if it’s live traffic vs multipler. Fire up Little NavMap. It will show all AI controlled aircraft, but it can’t show real players.

lol but that airport is empty looks like they only in the air no departures or arrivals,
ai traffic is a joke in this game the amount and ai logic is terrible and looks like they don’t care cause they don’t mention any improve

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Swamp gas.

I’ve started seeing it more than usual of late, specially in Europe. Not to the extent of having to wait 15 minutes for takeoff even at Heathrow or Amsterdam during the rush hours. Lesser in Asia though.