Look at the new asobo clouds, AA,Quality terrain, Water, etc after the patches ( downgrade everypatch)

The game has worse quality in general, why do they do this?
Settings-> ULTRA, 170 SCALING AA TAA



Their business plan is basically:

  1. Release for PC, full blown graphics -> cash in from PC users
  2. A few weeks after all PC cash has rolled in, start downgrading for Xbox/VR
  3. Release for XBox/VR. -> cash in from Xbox/VR users

Plan has one weak link though: Many PC users tested it on gamepass for 1$/month, saw how premature the release was and cancelled gamepass. They are now waiting what happens. Me personally, after observing what they did/do, I will buy it when it is finished in 1-2 years, on a BIG sale.


We’ve seen you mentioned this over and over! Just send Zendesk a message It not like they’re going to address this in 2 updates away. Hang in and live with it for now.

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Where can I submit these issues to asobo? thanks

It is very frustrating for me, I bought the simulator and it is totally different.

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What am I doing wrong here…why doesn’t my sim look this good?

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This really sucks then

Because they are running the sim on 4k full settings who knows with probably files in their config tweaked to make it look better for marketing.

Yea MS Xboxer Live Elite Gamer system gave me such a cool snazzy name.
As for the video yea I was being sarcastic…we know there actually is a dev promo build.
No denying that at all at this point

I’ll probably get flagged for this looking back at my early ALPHA screenshots comparing it to now there is certainly noticeable downgrades!


I fear @TheLittlePilot1 may be closer to the mark than we want him to be.

So many of the negative changes that have been made since release have XBox written all over then.

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Same absolutely no denying graphics downgrades from release even.

@TheLittlePilot1 @crazymaherm @anon67440142 @Norman999933 @MouthyGrunt97

Thanks to all of you, I think what is happening is very unfair. I feel cheated, I don’t enjoy anything with this simulator because they cheat me.

I don’t necessarily think it’s malicious, or was planned all along.

More likely just that the XBox version is requiring a significantly larger change than they previously thought, in order to meet much tighter performance standards.

It is sad I’m seeing myself firing up the sim less and less trying not to give up hope

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Yes, so push those changes to XBOX edition build, not PC


They should leave the PC alone and set the graphics for Xbox separately


@Nerbulus What I do not understand that thousands of users do not know, do not realize anything and are still deceived.

This thread isn’t gonna end well at all🤣


Xbox can not look worse than PC. Especially since FS2020 is a system seller for the new Xbox.

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