Looking for a friend to fly with? Start here!

Would you like to find people to fly with? We have decided to combine some of the older generic “looking for a friend to fly with” threads into one larger topic for you to scroll through. Please feel free to add your gamertag to this thread or search for other friends/gamertags to add to your list! This is optional - only respond with your gamertag if you are okay with others potentially reaching out to you or adding you to their friends list.

Thanks to @N316TS for this idea and merging.

Happy flying, all!


Hey all,

I hope you are all doing well! I am an ex-pilot and going to be spending most of my time in the smaller GA/bush aircraft flying around Canada. However, I would love to explore the world together with some friends!

If you’d like to fly with a friend or want to do some formation flying or farther trips together anywhere in the world. Send me a friend request on Discord and we’ll meet up in the air @Luc#9689

(Also I speak French so any francophones out there, I’d love to chat & fly)

If you sent me a friend request in game, please feel free to join my discord so we can chat!


Absolutely, my user is sni1perjosh

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Sounds great to me. I will send you a discord message

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Awesome, I am not in game yet, but when I am. I’ll send you an friend request. Until then, feel free to add me on Discord

Looking forward to it!

Add me for free pizzas: simtom2


Woah, everyone always likes the guy that brings food!



I heard pizza, I came knocking :joy::joy::joy:


lord simtom and his pizza as always !

Find me lurking in the Atlanta area @ CapStar362


always up to fly Ahmad310X in MSFS (Skyking310 on Discord)

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hey everyone! I am down for anything that isn’t proffesional flying. Maybe just bush and city flights-EducatedGlobe44


Sent you a message and a friend request

I’m looking for bush and city flights too, I’ll DM you


I wonder if we ( after we get some military aircraft ) could have a nice dogfight.
What do you think, guys ?

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well, until 3PD’s make them, we wont get any from Asobo.

3rd party aircraft ?

yes, Asobo has already announced no default Military aircraft.

I don’t really understand how this works, please help me
For example, Aerosoft, ok ? They are developing aircraft for MSFS 2020
Could the make military aircraft ??

Thank you