Looking for a realistic virtual airline

I have been having fun lately with World Wide Virtual but I want a more immersive experience.

I’m looking for a virtual airline that offers:

Virtual Currency

Realistic Dispatch System

I look for an airline that actually gives me a job package of some sort, which contains routes that I have to fly in a day or week. While Worldwide Virtual offers a feature to book flights wherever I want to go to, I find this less immersive.

Well, you can try Ivao or vatsim. They have virtual airlines, give a look.

We have what you’re looking for at www.abritishvirtualgroup.co.uk using fsairlines.net as our management system.
You will be welcome.

I love the convenience and number of flights WW has to offer. Been enjoying the ACARS and bookings.

Maybe LH Virtual (Vamsys Platform) is really good! If you like flying in Europe, maybe worth a look.
They don´t have any virtual currency.

If this is a must, check out Qantas Virtual or QVirtual.

which country do you want to be based? there are so many