Looking for cause of dotted glass textures when in VC

Dear All, I am giving up - please help if anyone can suggest what is the reason for strange graphic look of VC glass - instead of being somehow smooth, there are strange “dotted” ugly shadows on the windows when in VC view (mainly on the fuselage border) - please have a closer look in the screenshot. What setting in the graphics or my nVidia card (1080TI) can cause such not real glass shadows from small dots ??? Thanks for any suggestions !

Sorry, no idea, but I see them too, and was wondering about them.
(I have a GTX 1060)

I would like to chime in as well that I too have these artefacts and also use a GTX 1060.

Any resolution appreciated.

I’d initially assumed it was a reflection of the top of the dashboard/vinyl effect on the inside of the windscreen. At least that is what it looks like on the TBM. But not so sure now.

It is what are supposed to be reflections, I believe.
Originally they were quite clear but they degraded to this a few patches ago.

It seems to be some sort of raytracing implementation. The RTX cards and some AMD cards have raytracing cores, but I am pretty sure this is not correctly implemented yet.

the game is running on dx11 which doesn’t support ray tracing, so it’s not that