Looking for flyers interested in coast to coast tour of Canada

Hello all, when the long-awaited (at least for me) Canada world update releases, I was thinking of starting a Canadian tour originating from Gander, NL and work my way out west. Ideally, I’d like the legs to be 60-90 minutes, low and slow in planes such as the C172, PA28 Arrow etc.

Not much experience in group flights but thought it would be kinda fun to give it a try. I guess the first step is to see if anyone is actually interested and then work out the logistics from there. So, any takers?

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I’ll be doing the same once it’s released but my flying time is spotty at times so I don’t have consistent times to fly.

In that case, when the time comes, let me know your availability and perhaps we can work something out.

I will do that. Just finished a flight from my home airport, FY6 south to Longview then west and north along highway 40 (same trip we did yesterday by ground) the back to FY6.

Very rough flight in the mountains in the JustFlight updated 172 but still lots of fun.