Looking for KBOS

I usually fly in and out of KBOS (Boston’s Logan Airport) on MSFS 2020. Any one know if MS is planning to fix the awful KBOS that came with sim? It doesn’t even resemble the real one. The FSX and XPlane one is great! Can it be ported over?

The only one I have seen was on flightsim.to but it was just the iconic tower and some lighting for the ramps. https://flightsim.to/file/17269/boston-logan-kbos-control-tower-model

There is also talk on the FlyTampa forums that they may release a version of their KBOS compatible with MSFS later this year or early next. https://www.flytampa.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=14207

It will be interesting to see how modern the KBOS model will be when then push out an update.

Second job typically takes me up to Logan every weekend picking up/dropping off clients , and they are making massive strides on the terminal E expansion, (currently adding the exterior walls/ cladding and starting the rough work on the interior, the Terminal C Departure level roof, and the ramp ways between B and C (still need work, but about six month or so I would say)

Hi there,
As written, this does not look like a bug report. It looks like a question to the community.
If you would like to make this a bug report, I would suggest adding screenshots with descriptions that include locations of the various items that are wrong. Without specifics, it is unlikely that anyone is going to look at this report.