Looking for livery creator for the AH DC-3

Hello! My VA is in search of a livery maker who can do high quality work on the MSFS/AH DC-3, probably needs to be a blender or substance painter-er given how bad the unwrap is reported to be. To be explicit, we’re looking for someone who can provide a 4k (or better, I suppose) livery where the logos and details are crisp and clear without pixellation, stripes and things aren’t distorted, etc. There are a decent amount of liveries on flightsim.to for the DC-3 that are low res/pixellated and have a lot of distortion.

If anyone knows anyone who seems like they’d fit the bill, please DM me or leave a reply with your contact info. We are absolutely open to paying for the work.


flightsim.to have a request section for repainters which is very popular.

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@Nerbulus, paging Nerbulus! (I have commissioned several liveries through them and can vouch for their awesomeness!)

You can’t choose who does the work, though. There’s a specific level of quality I’m looking for vs just tossing it out to anyone who takes the request, and it’s easier to not step on toes or hurt feelings by selecting who does it ahead of time.

If you know who you would like you could always send them a PM directly and ask if they would be interested?

Of course, I already reached out to the people who I would normally reach out to and they’re not doing livery work on the MSFS DC-3, hence this post.

What I mean is if you look at others who have done DC3 work that you like, you could pm them?

Yes, I have been doing that.