Looking for people to do shared cockpit

dm me at origincookie122#7489 if you want to do shared cockpit togther
if not able to dm me reply to post

How are you sharing a cockpit ?

I am looking to do shared cockpit with your controls
You can look it up if you don’t think it is safe
but it is on GitHub

Just reply to this if you are ready to fly
I am usually flying between 7am to 10 am morning and nighttime i am flying around 5 pm to 10pm

just tell me when your ready

I was just curious since I must have overlooked a workaround for coop flight.
Will keep an eye on the topic.
Im on a night schedule (CST) for the month anyway.

I have Your Controls up and running. I would LOVE to try out a couple of GA aircraft. Especially the Carenado’s. I am in CST, with lots of time.

Hey! a fellow cookie :smiley:
Pretty busy at the moment, but ill keep this somewhere in case I get more time.

For those who haven’t, vote on the shared cockpit so we don’t have to rely on third party software and can have a better and seamless experience.

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Yep, I sure could use some help in the cockpit of the more complex aircraft, and I can’t think of a better way to get the assistance I need - from a friend who knows what they are doing, but also probably knows where I am, level-wise. Learning, or just having fun flying together, Shared Cockpit has so many possibilities, can be used in so many ways - teaching, learning, socializing, or demonstrating the sim - I sure hope it gets more votes on the Wish List!

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Sorry for not replying I have been out looking for closed-shell cockpits for the airbus a320

If anyone wants to do a shared cockpit just reply to this
I will probably be on about any time of the day unless I’m out.

Ok well if your ready then I am too Maybe tommorow

Actually, why don’t we all do one big group, not in the same aircraft but like the kind of race?
We would group up and see which captain and co-pilot could get to the same destination in the shortest amount of time.

Sure. NP. If you can DM me on Discord, we can get together. My discord id is the same except for the #before the 4445.