Looking for scenic places in every country

Maybe try this ? https://flightloc.com/


I’ve actually been using that already. Great work to whoever made it. I’ve been marking stuff from this on my google maps.

I’ve been exploring google and bing maps on my down time at work. I had no idea how many volcanoes were in eastern Russia.


Gotta find Red Square and the Kremlin. Maybe skirt Siberia then back to the Great Wall. And the destroyed nuclear reactor. Forgot where that is… o.0 I guess one could also look up international landmarks.

North of Bermuda in the middle of the Atlantic is hurricane Paulette. I was out there a few minutes ago (in the game). Aside from some weird rendering error at the edge of the screen, the game is doing a decent job of recreating the sea conditions (big swells).

The only 2 destroyed nuclear reactors I can think of are Chernobyl and Fukushima.

I made a video on the youtubes of hurricane Laura during the sunset. It was so beautiful.

Google Earth pretty good to, can find some cool looking places then fly there, found some great places doing that.

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I’ve found too many places doing that lol. I won’t be able to fly to them all in one go.

Indeed! I made a project and just favourited areas that looked good. Found some really nice places in Norway. I do the whole country before moving on 1 step at a time :).

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Hamilton Is. (YBHM) In Australia.

Probably best to wait till the water masking has been improved though, that way you get the full effect of the Great Barrier Reef.

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I’m in Latvia atm, started in Canada trying to cover as much ground as possible sight seeing. 20K nautical miles covered so far.

Have a look, plenty of cool places to go to

I’m currently heading towards Chernobyl, then to Berlin.

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I’ve found tons of old abandoned runways and military bases searching through google maps like that.

I’ll be adding it to my list. Thanks! It’ll probably be a while before I make it to Australia anyways. Progress has been very slow so far. I’ve been making videos of my journey so far but editing videos takes a while for me. I’m very new to it.

Sounds awesome! I went to Chernobyl the other day before I started to do this ‘travel the world’ idea. It needs some attention to make it look better but Pripyat looked decent. The sarcophagus was still being built on their satellite pictures so you’ll just see it painted on the ground in the spot where it was built before they slid it in place over the destroyed reactor. The big cooling towers are represented by big storage tanks instead. I still enjoyed flying over.

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I am working on placing abandoned runways in Canada’s Arctic - a place called Saglek is a paved 4770 foot runway that is used as a jumping off point for visits to Torngat Mountains National Park reserve - consider it like Norway fjords but without the trees. Also was surprised that Nain was missing from the airport list. Definitely will work on producing these airstrips but I am really slow at it, struggling with the ordering of polygons to get the aprons to show above textures replacing the ground textures since Bing in these areas is very low resolution.

I don’t even know how to do that stuff. I’d like to learn when I’m not as busy. I’d love to check them out when you’re finished if you’ll let me know. After I make it to northern Europe I planned on heading towards Iceland and Greenland, so I’ll be heading that way anyways.

We can add continent tags (“europe”, “north-america”, etc) to posts now to help people find things easier. \o/ :small_airplane:

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Maybe as a source for inspiration: http://www.airpano.com/360photo_list.php

A lot of scenic places around the world. A couple of them are maybe worth checking out in Flight Sim.

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