Looking for succes stories on high end hardware

Dear Flight Simmers and fellow VR enthousiasts,

Happy new year!

Now we got that out of the way, I have been playing VR on and off for the pas few days, always tinkering with the many settings to find the sweet spot.

I believe and I think, that in my opinion the game is playable on low settings on my hardware. Unfortunately this is only the case in planes with steam gauges and in less dense photogrammetry area’s. (i5-9400F, RTX 2060 OC 6GB, 32GB RAM 2666 mhz, Rift S)

I really love FS2020 and I love VR. The implementation of the two combined is still in its infancy I believe. But the future is promising. Reading a lot of posts of people complaining about performance and calling Devs all sorts of things makes me sad and a bit mad. In reality I think people are so emotional because the VR implementation didn’t live up to their expectations.
So please, don’t post with any negative feedback in this topic, I am asking for succes stories. Why?
Because I am looking at a new build with top of the line hardware and I want to justify spending 3K on a single game. (Don’t judge me on the amount of money, It already helped me through a couple of rough months).

The hardware I am looking to buy is a Ryzen 9 5900x and the RTX3080 (maybe the TI in Feb) with nvme, 32Gb of RAM and the new Reverb G2.
Is there anyone with these (or similar) specs (I know there are), that get a solid 30-40 fps with motion reprojection and without stutters in G1000 GA and Airline airplanes in dense photogrammetry area’s on at least high settings?

If so, please come forward and tell us your experience. I’m not asking for a 2 pager on all the specifc settings just jet. I really want some confirmation before I am spending 3K.

Thanks in advance.

The answer is yes. You can see my results and many others from this thread: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/my-2070-super-vr-settings-and-suggestion-reverb-g2-wmr/342582?u=imxlxl

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