Looking for the correct/best Nvidia Control Panel Settings

Hi guys, what is the actual best working setup regarding the NVDIA CP? Which settings are a “must” except the Power Management Modus to Max Performance? Thx in advance for your help!

I spent a LOT of time last year trying to find the “best” NVIDIA CP settings. There are a number of NVIDIA settings and a lot of MSFS settings. There are some duplicate settings both in NVIDIA and MSFS. I never found an answer to the question of which of the duplicate settings take priority if the parameter settings are different, MSFS or NVIDIA?

I finally selected “Let the 3D application decide.” Basically MSFS is in charge. This may not be optimal but it works for me.

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Take a look here:


The only one I’d suggest is using Fast Vsync if you need Vsync, and cap the frames to the refresh rate of your monitor. This let’s you get Vsync behavior without the performance hit of using the in-game Vsync.

I would let MSFS do the rest.


I would keep power at prefer maximum power, and the only other setting I would change is Antialiasing Gamma correction – set to off. Keep everything else application controlled or default global setting.


I spent a lot of time changing things in the NCP with a MSFS profile, and testing between all the changes. In the end I deleted the profile and just went with application controlled, that seemed to be the best looking with the best frame rates.


When you say this, did you just restore defaults?
I have had mine set on different settings for a while and have just changed back to Restore Defaults.

yes that should work.