Looking forward to volocopter

Looking forward to volocopter coming next week, seems ideal for the kind of low and slow flight I enjoy. Hopefully it is not as hard as a real helicopter to control, seems easy in the demonstrations but those are off course done by expert pilots.

This real life demonstration even does the kind of low and slow flight I enjoy in simulator: Volocopter 2X Flies at Gimpo Airport, Seoul, Republic of Korea - YouTube


Does anybody saw already gameplay ? The VoloCity is an self flying autonomous air taxi… you just type in the destination on an tablet and the drone fly by its own :frowning: not sure if we can fly it by ourselves.

Only the first version has an real cockpit with a stick for navigation… the Volocity has just an tablet :confused:

which version is in the game ? the trailer didnt show the cockpit


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I hope it is the second option. Wouldn’t an autonomous aircraft with no option of manual control violate most nations regulations? Software can crash, have bugs or make mistakes, manual control should be an option.

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is there any news about that ? can we fly that drone or is it just an autonome flight ?

okay I can update it by myself … its not the full autonome version :heart_eyes:
We can fly by ourselves


Yeah is also easy to control. Anyone found way to trim lateral axis yet?

How did you turn on the display screen? Mine’s blank and the checklist doesn’t seem to mention it either.

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No but I found a way to make it unflyable while in the air, just exceed the maximum speed, and even if you recover it doesnt want to do much of anyting after that lol…

its total loss, you need to buy a new one hahaha

I flew over the wreckage in my F18 and nuked it from the air. I’ll wait for the helicopter update I think…


Is there a site for a User Manual? Config?

Q: What in controls can you bind the POSITION HOLD to?

This is far out! :heart: :heart: I’d like the Autopilot controls! :slight_smile:

  • No Elevator Trim control w joystick. Unable to fly forward without keeping joystick in forward position. CAN use Keyboard for Elevator Pitch Up and Elevator Pitch Down.

Had a dig in the controls menu for Position Hold and didn’t find anything.

Same question for me on that.

had the same problems with the black avionic screens. The Checklist are really bad for that drone, not very helpful.

Cold and dark doesn’t work for me either, impossible to turn on the navigation display. Anyone a solution for it?

Avionics in cold of dark not working are a known issue (stated under “General”):
“Glass cockpit remains off when starting from cold & dark with the Volocity”

I have to say this thing is really interesting to fly. More stable (and slower) than a helicopter which makes it great for precision landings.

Edit: You can find the release notes here: Game of the Year Edition - Release Notes ( Sim Update VII Now Available!

Hitting the ‘previous pilot position’ button results in this interesting camera view.

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Have any helioports on buildings and elsewhere been identified in the World Map to use with the VoloCity?

Perhaps I’m blind but I couldn’t find any autopilot function, only the option to set a flight plan / direct to course to follow manually … which is no fun with having to push the stick all the way forward to keep moving and with the super sluggish handling in general.

It was alright to play around with for 10 minutes, with the grand finale of switching individual engines off in the overhead to see how many engines it takes to keep it in the air (hint 4 are not enough).

Long story short … can I uninstall it to save space? :wink:

you should be able to uninstall it in the content manager, along with anything else you dont want to fly

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