Looking to buy a collective

I’m looking to buy a collective but still can’t find an answer about if the twist throttle can be bound to rpm.
Do I even need a twist throttle if most helicopters have a governor ? What about older helicopters that don’t have governors?
Leaning towards Virpil but also looking at Winwing.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I have the Virpil plus base which has a throttle, this can indeed be mapped in MSFS
It is an expensive piece of hardware once you factor the cost of the grip on top of the collect base itself. Plus you may need/want the chair mount to attach it, then of course postage on top…

But for me it was, and is, an investment in a high quality piece of hardware that does add to the immersion of flying helicopters.
Do you need the plus base with throttle rather than just the basic base? No. However, for me it came down to investing wisely and not regretting not having the throttle at a later date.

I have zero regret in getting the plus base collective. It is a jump up in price, but I expect to use it for many years. To me having the throttle is well worth it. As you say older helicopters do not have a governor, but on top of that I really like added immersion of using the throttle during start up and shutdown, not to mention it really come into its own for practising auto rotations.

It took me a short while to adapt to the collective, but it is far more natural and quite frankly intuitive to use than a standard HOTAS setup for helicopters.

If you like flying helicopters, want a more authentic experience and you can justify the expense then I really do recommend this as in investment to support that.

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I got the Virpil non twist throttle version simply because the throttle is not really needed and I really didn’t like the way Virpil implemented it. The throttle is almost always on the twist of the main grip but for some reason with the Virpil setup it’s half way down the shaft because it’s not part of the grip. The winwing one is better in this regard but I didn’t like what I read about the friction adjustment on that one. Hence I went non throttle Virpil and have absolutely no regrets.

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Thank you Sling and Blitzer!
I have the Virpil cm3 200 mm extension and Constellation alpha prime grip as a cyclic, and the combination works great.
I know Virpil is pricey but love their products so far.
Buy once cry once :face_with_peeking_eye:
I also noticed the weird position of the twist and wondered about that.
Also read other comments on Winwing frictions and also don’t really like the cage thingy that stops you from over extending the lever.
Thanks both for your input, much appreciated.

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I do not find the position of the throttle a problem or particularly weird on the plus base. The Bell 47 and Robinson helicopters tend to have a shorter collective so flying them and using the twist throttle seems really natural to be honest. If you fly the Bell 47 without the governor (which is more immersive and challenging) the twist throttle really comes into its own.
Likewise I did have an engine failure the 47 a while back and was able to quickly roll the throttle off an execute a successful auto from a height of 100-200 feet. I would not have been able to do that without the throttle on the collective, I only just had enough time as it was.

Not as if the standard collective can be upgraded to the plus base, so if the Virpil option does become your favoured route choose wisely IMO. While you can argue the throttle is not needed or essential it is one of those things does add another level of immersion over and above the collective itself. One of those things that you would not necessarily miss if you did not have it, but certainly would if you had it and then did not, if that makes sense.

Again, thank you for your input!
I don’t think an extra $130 US will break my bank, so will most likely go with the twist.
I can also get the grip at a later date to spred out the costs. I also need to spend Canadian dollars and that adds another 40%. OUCH.


The throttle not being at the end of the collective is unconventional. If the stick is shorter then that may feel like a better length but those setups don’t then have another grip and controls beyond where the throttle is. If I went for throttle I would of gone Winwing because the Virpil setup is just not well thought out. A look at other heli collectives shows their chosen arrangement to be a weird choice. Glad you are getting along with it though.

While the throttle may not seem logically placed, it is in a fairly accurate position with respect to say a real Robinson helicopter. The Virpil collective + grip is considerably longer than a real collective you would find in the R22 for example. The Virpil throttle position is actually much closer to the real deal in this respect so feels really quite natural. It makes very little difference when you fly in VR anyway as you do not see your hardware.
I honestly do not think you would really miss not having the throttle if you never had it, but I cannot imagine being without mine for all the reasons I posted previously. Each to their own enjoy! :+1: