Looking to buy a motion rig

Hi all,

I’m thinking of getting a motion rig, probably the DOF Reality H6.

I’m not into VR so this will be used with my triple-screen setup.

I’m just wondering if I should upgrade my yoke and pedals at the same time, I have the Turtle-Beach yoke and some Logitec pedals that have to be connected via a Logitech wheel so they are not ideal i think.

Is it worth looking at something like the Honeycomb Alpha, Bravo & Charlie setup???

Make sure you do your research on honeycomb…they are in tough shape as a company and the founder has made a few long posts online explaining the situation. It sounds like a real risk for anyone buying their products in terms of warranty support but it’s best for you to read the posts by the founder and make up your own mind. As far as when to upgrade as part of a motion platform, it doesn’t matter as they are unrelated peripherals and lots of HOTAS work no problem with MSFS and motion platforms as long as you have a way to mount them. So for a dof reality setup just make sure their mounting plates have holes for whatever HOTAS you have.

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Thanks, yes I’ve been reading, sad state of affairs.

I can’t see any quality opposition to their products though, hopefully they will return.

Does anyone have any idea if the difference between a 3DOF and a 6DOF motion rig is worth the difference in cost?

@GUNPILOT399 could probably share his review videos to help you decide :wink:

(I’ll let him as not sure which is the best vid)

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I’ve just ordered the DOF Reality H6 rig :astonished: My wallet is crying now…

Bravo and Alpha are tough hardened equipment and don’t need tech support. Absolutely upgrade IF you can find them.

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I have found some and ordered them, i have also ordered Thrustmaster TPR pedals :slight_smile: