Looking to join a Virtual Airline (VA)

I am looking for a Xbox friendly VA.

on Fshub I have an Airline called HotBox Airways if you fancy it … its Brand new and im accepting all xbox pilots if they wish to join …ill have all the manual pireps etc available later this evening

Hope this suits you and hope to see you in the skies soon

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This search may help you.

Hello Beamy.
Yes I’m interested in you VA. I’m on XBox s
My name is Rich

rich my man,

search HotBox Airways on Fshub.io or my name adn apply away my xbox gamertag is BeamyNobleDrew

I am unable to view due to it saying access denied…

That’s odd. Me, too, but if I pull the link out, it works.

Okay, trying again. Basically, I’m just using the tag #virtual-airline and searching with the term “Xbox”:


^ Edit: Hmm, that doesn’t work, either. Must be a forum bug. But if you copy and paste that URL into the browser, it should work.

FsHub - BeamyNobleDrew’s Dashboard


I applied.

and accepted my friend welcome aboard HotBox Airways

With Aerosoft On Air Manager virtual s air lines are falling big time .

Maybe so but this isnt Air manager its just another option out there if anyone wanted to join it as im not forcing anybody to join

He simply asked a question and i gave him an option

Check out:
British Airlines VA for XBox
Discord: British Airways VA
VA Website: https://britishairwaysva.com/

With On Air Manager from Aero soft , virtuals are dropping like flies, I was in 2 and dropped them both there’s nothing to compare any more .

Hi everyone, i used fly on PC but now i get a xbox s and i really didnt know that is possible join a VA on console! How do this work? id really like to enjoy it!

Welcome aocbgoulart to MSFS. I’m retired, so on most days.
XBox s. I’m in Alaska. Former pilot years ago. Was on Alaska virtual airlines a few years ago. Went to console. Haven’t tried virtual yet, want to though.


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Allow me to help you guys out with my VA for xbox… HotBox (420) Airways on FsHub

420 HotBox Airways - FsHub

HotBox 420 Airways | Facebook

Hope this is what you guys are looking for and hope to see you guys in the air


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I can not access the website as my browser is blocking it as it is telling me the website can not provide a secure connection

which link?

your already a member buddy