Looping on Packages

Hello flying friends, please help !!! I have been trying to download the update again for several days but humanly it is impossible, it reaches a certain point and it restarts again, I have done everything … restart, delete … start again, what can I do ???Imagen1 Thank you all

I’ve had similar problem with latest two fs2020 patch. Installed pending windows update and deleting rollingcache.ccc file helped me. Dont know which one fix this or was it just coincident.

If you haven’t already, see if anything here helps…


Hi @George7712,
I have moved your topic in the category for seeking help on installation issues. I’ve altered your topic to reflect what your issue is about.

As pointed out by @TestPilotDan, there is an FAQ on this. You may also search in the #bugs-and-issues category for “looping”.

Thanks friend for the recommendation

Thanks for the recommendation, friend

Thanks for the recommendations, friend, okay

Friends I want to tell you that it improved and very quickly, I had to make a change in the speed of my internet and that’s it. Thank you all.

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