Hei, Long time ago, I had often issues after mandetory updates with loops. I was happy, that this stopped after some bug fixes on the followed updates. But looping is back. I know the advices on zendek etc. but nothing helped this time.The problem is, when I cancel the looping and restart the game, it showed me always a new Size to download, e.g 150 mb, then 16 GIB and now 63 GIB. thats curious :rofl: at 99% it began to loop …

I have a stable and fast internetconnection and stopped all anti anti virus and firewalls. It costs me time, and energy to do the same all 6 or 8 months. I really hope in future there will come a better solution advices.


I cured my looping by easing off the back-pressure on the stick/yoke. That way the aeroplane doesn’t climb and invert, but stays more or less level and at a more controllable speed.

Hope this helps cure your loops too.

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