Loosing connection all the time

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Since the last WU, I always get messages like “bandwidth too low”, “connection lost”, to the point that I can’t fly with photo scenery anymore.

I’ve emptied my “community” folder, and launched the sim in the most vanilla state possible, deleted the rolling cache, etc… I’m out of options here…

Does somebody has any idea how to solve this ?
Thank you for your help.

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I’m getting low bandwidth for photo photogrammetry message even when I load the game as well add odd times in game.

Never had it before :man_shrugging:

If you have been using the alternative ground scenery rather than Bing then that could be the cause. It leaves a residue of a couple of Local Host entries if you do not close it down correctly.

Haven’t used that for couple of months but good call. I will check.

while the servers are updating thousands of MSFS updates, you might want to wait a few days for things to settle down before looking for resolves.

Which entries should I look for in the HOST file, I can’t remember ?
Thanks for the idea by the way !

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I’ve just looked at mine and all entries are commented out.

Thanks a lot !

Problem solved after removing the entries in the host file… The WU7 installation was just a coincidence with a quite test of an old version of the texture replacement soft…

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anything in hosts that say should be removed, except for : localhost.

Hmm. I only have that but it is commented out. Will re-enable it

Closing topic. Issue caused from the use of Google Maps Addon.