Loosing my settings and my raitings as student

Hi all,
Yesterday I had to download and install a mandatory update, took me some time 49gb.
After the update I lost all my student ratings and MFS settings, like sound off, subtitles off, graphics settings, yoke and rudder settings.
This evening I have flown with MSF, made new student ratings and ended MFS, switched off my PC. Just 60 minutes ago I started MFS, there was an other update, and again I lost all my personal settings and student ratings. This behaviour is super annoying and disappointing. I can not see and watch my improvements . Is this a known issue??

Yours, Frans from the Netherlands.

Hi Frans,

The same happened with me when I updated the previous release. My student rating was gone. The logbook and challenges ratings were there still.
Maybe a tip to log off in MSFS and login again?


Hi André,
Thanks for your prompt reply.
I have tried, but all data gone, I’m wondering if there is a possibility to save this data some where.
Been trough all options but did not found any that relates to saving personal settings.
Anyway, I have flown most of my student requirements back on the list :sweat_smile:

I have bought Xplane II, will install that in the upcoming weekend and try it out, the package became affordable due to black Friday offer, 39,50€

Nice weekend,
Cheers, Frans

For your info, my setup for MSF2020;
PC, modified HP z400,
750 Watt power supply.
Xeon 6C X5690 3.46Ghz 12MB 6.40GTs Processor
24 gb memory,
3 Samsung 500gb SSD drives.
MSI Radeon RX 580 ARMOR 8G.
3 times 21" Dell screens, will be replaced by 3 times 32" screens.
For the time being, Logitech G Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System and throttle quadrant.
On order, arriving soon, a Turtle Beach*® VelocityOne flight controller.
For my rudders I have the TPR Thrustmaster pendular Rudder pedals.