Lost ability to steer while taxiing

I’m a classic noob and issue is probably between my eyes so… Could use a kind direction to tell me what I’ve done to my settings. Twisting the stick left and sends any of my aircraft totally out of control at any speed.
Using Thrustmaster throttle and stick package
Please help
Thx in advance

Have you got the twist axis bound incorrrectly or to more than one option in the control settings?

Or maybe you need to recalibrate it?

I posted this topic on calibration issues sometime last year.

Thank you for your reply. I’m wondering if the issue is something to do with the Thrustmaster T.16000M w/HOTAS? I have seen several posts on this issue that mentioned the same equipment. Like yourself, I bought mine in anticipation of the release date and when it downloaded my equipment was also recognized immediately and seemed to have all the buttons already preset in the sim.

If so, there are so many people using this equipment M/S should be able to pick up on this and do a workaround. The issue is worse now than when the sim was released (IMO). This issue seems to be the only one I’m having trouble with.
Jim M

Did you check the calibration ?

I just did and discovered an update. Then I re-calibrated. When I went back into the game, it seemed moderately better but not fixed. Went flying in the new Navy GosHawk trainer. A blast to fly and play in but froze up halfway down a beach run around 300 ft from NAS Pensacola to Miami. A blast at that altitude. A cold and dark startup in that model was fun to, takes a few LOL.

Another thought could be per the suggestion to operate in ‘Modern’ mode vs ‘Legacy’ when flying the “Goshawk”. The ability to steer while on the ground/ramp is just not there. Plus in ‘Modern’ mode, you cannot zoom with the mouse.

It’s easy enough to do the mapping yourself (or at least check it) and the forums would appear to indeed have multiple cases of folks with kit which has a pre-mapped profile which doesn’t exactly work 100%.

Always worth checking the current calibration through OS. (windows game controller)
And then using the freeware tool DIView

These will give you some indication that the hardware itself works correctly. (The potentiometer’s used by Thrustmaster are known to wear or develop issues.)

Yes, unless it’s some janky freeware import that says otherwise you should be set to fly in Modern flight model at all times.
If you are referring to the IndiaFoxTecho T45 Goshawk then indeed this will require the default “Modern” flight model.